How to Conduct an Effective Leadership Training?

During my college days we were asked a question “what quality should a good manager possess?” there were more than 50 qualities that were named in the classroom, but the one that stood apart and everyone agreed on was “Leadership skill”. Today the organization world is moving towards developing a new skill in the manager … Continue reading “How to Conduct an Effective Leadership Training?”

Understanding Importance of Employee Motivation

The motivation of staff continues to be one of the most complex management functions. This is because managing people within the process of achieving the set business goals, while maintaining satisfaction, a good working relationship and contented employees is, as you know, a difficult matter. You can do this in various ways, but you need … Continue reading “Understanding Importance of Employee Motivation”

Top 7 Essential Tips for Working Safely at Height

Working at height is one of the most dangerous profession if the appropriate safety precautions not taken properly. One should be aware that even a drop of a few inches could lead to serious injury. The organizations using the ladders or scaffolding, must research in order to remove the maximum amount of risk to workers. … Continue reading “Top 7 Essential Tips for Working Safely at Height”

Achieving an Effective Employee Advocacy Program

Companies have a variety of tried and true methods for building brand visibility and value to prospective clients and employees — from public relations and advertising to content marketing and other techniques. One of the least understood of these methods is a relatively new approach known as employee advocacy. This strategy relies on an underutilized (and perhaps … Continue reading “Achieving an Effective Employee Advocacy Program”

Ideas for Providing Your Employees with the Resources They Need

If you’re an employer, you know the job market isn’t just about employees competing for top positions. Businesses are constantly competing for talented employees. Although a high wage or salary can attract employees initially, a solid pay rate alone won’t allow companies to keep them. Prospective employees look at a larger picture than just the job … Continue reading “Ideas for Providing Your Employees with the Resources They Need”

The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, as most managers and HR professionals know. In recent years, numerous startup companies have grabbed attention by using some unusual methods to create a happier workforce. They’ve experimented with unorthodox ideas such as unlimited vacation time. These companies have also created more flexible workspaces and gone overboard with … Continue reading “The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs”

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Work Uniforms?

Depending on the type of environment and industry a business is in, wearing work uniforms can have a powerful impact on both employees and customers. Having a professional work uniform can really help to boost brand image by increasing brand awareness, help to create a professional business image, promote company loyalty, assist with employee security, … Continue reading “What Are The Benefits of Wearing Work Uniforms?”

10 Tips to Improve Employee Health and Wellness

Experts say that human capital is one of the most important foundations when it comes to running a business. It’s the employees who are truly running the frontline business, so in a way, they represent your company’s image and reputation. A healthy employee workforce easily translates into a productive and well-managed organization. Prioritizing your employees’ wellness could … Continue reading “10 Tips to Improve Employee Health and Wellness”