The 12 Rules of Giving Negative Feedback

The ability to give great feedback is one of the most underrated skills in business. So much emphasis is put on other technical and soft skills, and even where feedback is prioritized as a skill it tends to remain in the rather limited realm of ‘positive feedback’. While all feedback should be constructive, the ability … Continue reading “The 12 Rules of Giving Negative Feedback”

Why Public Speaking Is Critical to Good Leadership (and How to Master It)

When I was at university, one of my lecturers was a man born to genius. He had won just about every award there was – and had medals strewn about his study like discarded tinsel. He was, in short, a very learned man. There was only one problem: the man was also a terrible communicator. … Continue reading “Why Public Speaking Is Critical to Good Leadership (and How to Master It)”

How to Spot a Future Leader Among Your Employees

What image of a leader comes to your mind first? Typically, you may regard a leader as someone who can command responsibility, inspire action, or guide a community toward a vision and create opportunities for that vision to become a reality. Indeed, an organization’s success (or failure) largely depends on a leader. People are still … Continue reading “How to Spot a Future Leader Among Your Employees”

Leader Vs Boss: 7 Characteristics That Proves What You Are!

A leader could be a boss, but not every boss could be a leader. This is a universally accepted and developed fact that there is a difference between being a leader and being a boss. Although leaders and bosses might have some identical characteristics, but they are totally opposite in nature especially in today’s world, … Continue reading “Leader Vs Boss: 7 Characteristics That Proves What You Are!”

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team

If you want to develop or grow any business, you would need a motivated team. Teams are going to do most of the hard work that requires to take your business to that level of success that you always dreamt of.   It is important to give your team that energy, knowledge, skills and motivation … Continue reading “Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team”

Top Qualities of an Effective Team Leader

Anyone can be a hardworking team leader, but becoming an effective team leader can enhance your projects to become successful. Below are some top qualities that a business sees in an effective team leader. 1. Honesty If you are honest with your team, people will start to trust you which is vital when working with … Continue reading “Top Qualities of an Effective Team Leader”

How to Manage Remote Teams Like a Boss

New technologies have revolutionised the way we think, perceive things and communicate with each other. Not only have they given us a wonderful opportunity to achieve faster and more efficient communication flow, but they have also built the culture of remote working. More and more organisations are hiring talented and proficient workers from distant parts … Continue reading “How to Manage Remote Teams Like a Boss”

5 Ways You’re Being A Micromanager & What To Do Instead

 In the corporate world, we’ve all experienced working with different types of management styles and found certain managers we worked best with. A great manager encourages their team to bring their strengths to the project, is able to see the bigger picture, and demonstrates strong leadership.  On the opposite side of the spectrum are micromanagers. … Continue reading “5 Ways You’re Being A Micromanager & What To Do Instead”

What I Learnt from the Worst People Managers

We learn more from what we get wrong than what we get right. Research proves this theory. I believe we can extend this theory to the fact that we can learn a lot from those that have managed us badly. All those moments when we finished work and thought, ‘I could have managed that so … Continue reading “What I Learnt from the Worst People Managers”

How Highly Successful Leaders Drive Innovation

Innovation has become an overused, hollow buzzword. (In doing so, it has joined the ranks of terms like “engagement” and “inclusion”). After all, only leaders of tech start-ups are required to innovate, right? Quite the opposite. Martin Reeves, head strategist at BCG’s think tank in New York, offers some startling statistics: The average lifespan of … Continue reading “How Highly Successful Leaders Drive Innovation”