How to Keep up in a Dynamic Workplace

Unless you were lucky enough to land a job where your main responsibility is to hug baby sloths, you probably want to prolong days to 34 hours just to manage your assignments. Due to technological advancements and social changes, working has evolved in such a way that our jobs have become an indelible part of … Continue reading “How to Keep up in a Dynamic Workplace”

13 Things Successful People Do Before Going To Bed

We all know only too well just how difficult a full day of work can be after a bad night’s sleep.  Trying to perform to your best is simply not possible when your body hasn’t had time to relax and recharge.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults should get around 8 hours each night … Continue reading “13 Things Successful People Do Before Going To Bed”

7 Life Hacks to Increase Productivity

Being productive every day is not only important for your professional life, but it also helps boost self-satisfaction. It does not matter whether you commute to an office or you have a home-based office, living a life that is disciplined and ensuring your days count is critical to help you feel you have accomplished your … Continue reading “7 Life Hacks to Increase Productivity”

3 Mood-boosting Steps for Beating The ‘Monday Blues’

After a beautiful weekend filled with food, wine and plenty of naps, there’s no crueller sound than your 7am alarm come Monday morning. As the reality of another week of nine-to-five office life hits you like a ton of bricks, a good litre or two of coffee is the only thing that gets you out … Continue reading “3 Mood-boosting Steps for Beating The ‘Monday Blues’”

The Two Part Key to Productivity

Have you ever noticed a highly productive person and wondered how they did it? What makes them so organized; so effective; so on-top of things? It just doesn’t seem fair! Most productive people aren’t trying to make your life miserable they are just living their own lives the best way that they know how. I’m … Continue reading “The Two Part Key to Productivity”

How to Make Mondays Less Awful

More than often, Monday seems impossible for many people. No matter the occupation, a lot of individuals actually hate the first day of the week. Every one of us has our different reasons and motives for not enjoying Monday days.  The truth is, there are many things that have been planted in your mind, you … Continue reading “How to Make Mondays Less Awful”

10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Work Day

Whether you work the regular 9-5, or maybe you’re involved in the new-age 4-10’s everyone seems to be over the moon about (Personally, I’d do just about anything for perpetual 3-day weekends, so I’m on board) chances are by the end of your day, you’re feeling pretty beat. To fight the stress and finally relax, … Continue reading “10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Work Day”

10 Morning Habits That will 10x Your Productivity

Think about this.. When do you think you are the closest to your subconscious? Take a guess. Do you think it is in the middle of the day? Or before you go to bed? None of the above. In fact, you probably have guessed it yourself due to the title of this post. The time … Continue reading “10 Morning Habits That will 10x Your Productivity”

5 Rules for Profitable Time Management

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days”, says Zig Ziglar. Do you often have much to do and you don’t have enough time nor the resources to help you do them? Time wasted in a business is letting go of opportunities to make more profits.  With an … Continue reading “5 Rules for Profitable Time Management”

That Deadline Looming On Your Head Can Make You or Break You-Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines can be intimidating and can stress you out as it draws near or it can be your driving force in getting a thing done on time. The way deadlines influence you depends on how you view it and either let it take a toll on you or motivate you.  The crucial importance of meeting … Continue reading “That Deadline Looming On Your Head Can Make You or Break You-Meeting Deadlines”