5 Best Career Choices for Empaths

If you’re a naturally very empathetic person, then choosing the right career path is especially important. Empaths naturally seek jobs that are fulfilling and allow them to reach and help their fellow men and women. Empaths also tend to be affected more deeply by stressful environments that don’t speak to their strengths. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “5 Best Career Choices for Empaths”

9 Tips to Make a Career in Human Rights

A job that pays well is not necessarily the meaningful one. And if you want to leave behind a world better than the one you found instead of a pile of KPI reports, you may think about working in human rights. Have only a vague idea of what it means? It is all about promotion … Continue reading “9 Tips to Make a Career in Human Rights”

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Office Look More Professional

Are you hunting for ways to renovate your office? Well, you have come to the right place! I know exactly how difficult it can be to revamp a workspace to make it look unique, suit your style, and be perfectly ergonomic in design – all at the same time! It is not impossible, right? So, … Continue reading “6 Simple Ways to Make Your Office Look More Professional”

How to Deal With a Boss You Hate?

Do you have a problem with your boss? Well, you’re not alone in this! In fact, according to research in 2015, 50% of employees resigned from their jobs merely because they didn’t like their boss. That doesn’t mean you should also do the same, though! It’s true that when you work for someone you dislike, … Continue reading “How to Deal With a Boss You Hate?”

Why Team Building Should Never be Just a Formal Checklist?

Image Source: Unsplash.com Upon hearing the term ‘team building’, most people think about fun activities like paintball or going out to a company sponsored dinner, all expenses paid, during which employees get a chance to socialize more outside work as well. While these are beneficial for multiple reasons, meaningful team building relies on much more … Continue reading “Why Team Building Should Never be Just a Formal Checklist?”

#100 – Networking Expert Series – Larry Gioia

The CareerMetis Podcast hits Episode 100! Our host Nissar Ahamed is honoured and thrilled to welcome back Larry Gioia to the Podcast for an impressive discussion about networking. Larry Gioia also joined us for Ep#71 where he talked about his day-to-day life as an IT Solutions Architect. This interview is part of  the “Networking Expert Series“. … Continue reading “#100 – Networking Expert Series – Larry Gioia”

5 Jobs Robots Probably Won’t Be Stealing Any Time Soon

If you’re about to enroll in a new degree program or make a career change, it’s crucial that you devote some time to understanding the ways technology is influencing the current job market. Robots, artificial intelligence and software-enabled automations should be of particular interest as you perform your job market research. It would be a … Continue reading “5 Jobs Robots Probably Won’t Be Stealing Any Time Soon”

5 Secrets to Handling a Boss’ Unrealistic Expectations

It’s inevitable. At some point in your career, you’re probably going to have to deal with a workaholic boss. And those bosses usually want their employees to have the same dedication and commitment to the job as they do. So how do you deal with a boss who expects you to work around the clock? Check … Continue reading “5 Secrets to Handling a Boss’ Unrealistic Expectations”