The State of the Tech Job Market

Tech trends are shifting. To accommodate this change, managers need to understand current movements and the employment landscape. To assist with this need, Modis surveyed 500 IT decision makers to find out what we have install for the year to come. According to 500 business leaders, finding good interpersonal skills is the biggest recruitment challenge tech … Continue reading “The State of the Tech Job Market”

6 Invaluable Success Lessons Bill Gates Can Teach You!

You will have noticed people focusing more on the popularity and wealth of successful personalities rather than finding their actual approach to get success. For instance, everyone praises the success and wealth of Bill Gates but few people actually find out his path of getting success in a life. Make sure that you are not … Continue reading “6 Invaluable Success Lessons Bill Gates Can Teach You!”

5 Lessons To Learn From Your Past

Your past is the best teacher you have. Do you agree? You have accomplished so many things so far and each experience, positive or negative, taught you something. Because life is moving fast, there might be lessons you forgot. Therefore, here are 5 lessons to take from the past and remember: 1. You can’t always … Continue reading “5 Lessons To Learn From Your Past”

Don’t Be a Snob about Career Advice

I have found that the best way to manage myself is by asking for a lot of help. The question is, how do you know who to take advice from? The answer is not always intuitive. For example, you’d think that if Bill Gates wants to give you career advice, you should take it, right? … Continue reading “Don’t Be a Snob about Career Advice”

The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

It was time for the Annual Performance Review. It is that time of the year, that myself and my colleagues usually looked forward to . Why? Because we might be potentially getting a bump in our salaries. Regardless or how small or big the salary hike was (in some cases it hardly met inflation) – … Continue reading “The Best Career Advice I Ever Received”

Will I Ever Work for an Early-Stage Startup?

In the previous posts of the “Should I Work for a Startup? series, I provided an unbiased approach to the question. In the first post I described the Benefits of getting a job at a startup, and in the second article I wrote about the disadvantages. Now it’s time to get personal!! In this particular … Continue reading “Will I Ever Work for an Early-Stage Startup?”

5 Career Lessons I have Learnt from SUPERMAN

In an Universe where you have so many superheroes to choose form (actually there are two universes – Marvel and DC), everyone has their favourite superhero. Everyone looks upto or aspires to be their favourite Superhero. Perhaps that is the reason Hollywood keeps making superhero movies again & again. People won’t get bored no matter … Continue reading “5 Career Lessons I have Learnt from SUPERMAN”

My Barber taught me about the Value of Work

I was searching for a men’s barber shop – you know, those old-school barber shops with the poles; and with the old barbers who give you a proper haircut & shave. I was bored visiting First Choice Hair-cutters again and again. It felt like a sweat-shop going there each time. It was time for a … Continue reading “My Barber taught me about the Value of Work”