How New Managers Can Make Strong Decisions for the team?

So I hear you landed the promotion. Congratulations on your new manager role! But while your skills have taken you this far in your career, taking on a managerial role can still be a challenging feat. And if there’s one skill that will help you overcome these challenges and succeed as a manager—its strong decision … Continue reading “How New Managers Can Make Strong Decisions for the team?”

A Visual Guide to Running the Best Meetings Ever

According to a study in MIT Sloan Management Review, executive level staff are currently spending almost 23 hours a week in meetings, more than double what they would have spent in the 1960s. Clearly some of these meetings must be important, but do they have to take up quite so much time that could be … Continue reading “A Visual Guide to Running the Best Meetings Ever”

3 Challenges Faced when Managing Employees Globally

How do you command respect from someone you’ve never met, in a country you’ve never been to? The answer isn’t easy. Today’s leaders are faced with a new set of hurdles as globalization continues to gain momentum. Communicating with—let alone overseeing—employees overseas can seem impossible without the right tools in place. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading “3 Challenges Faced when Managing Employees Globally”

#94 – Leadership Expert Series – Michael O’Brien

For Episode 94 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Michael O’Brien. This interview is part of  the “Leadership Expert Series“. Guest Introduction – Michael O’Brien In this episode of The CareerMetis Podast, Nissar welcomes Michael O’Brien to the show. Michael is a leadership coach with Peloton Coaching, and the author of Shift: Creating a … Continue reading “#94 – Leadership Expert Series – Michael O’Brien”

6 Effective Communication Skills to Make You A Better Leader

Gone are the days when leaders were the only ones who talked in meetings and team-building activities. The number of words you say is no longer the basis to knowing who is worthy to become a manager or a team lead. Sometimes, being outspoken is not even the trait that the top management is looking … Continue reading “6 Effective Communication Skills to Make You A Better Leader”

Taking the Next Step: Managing Your Way to Success

Management is the most important piece in a well ran business. Success begins at the top and the person or persons in charge influence the entirety of the work staff. Good management and poor management is the difference between having motivated, confident, and diligent workers versus lethargic, lazy, and bitter people dissatisfied. As Glenn Llopis, … Continue reading “Taking the Next Step: Managing Your Way to Success”

7 Leadership Skills You Need in the Future of Work

The Future of Work is already here. In the last few years, experts and thought leaders have weighed in on what the future of work will look like, especially with more widespread adoption of trends such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. According to a report by McKinsey, there will be a … Continue reading “7 Leadership Skills You Need in the Future of Work”

How to Develop Your Leadership Potential?

It’s one of the most common job related questions you’ll get asked: ‘when have you demonstrated leadership?’. But unlike what you might first assume, leadership comes in many forms. You don’t have to have a whole team reporting to you to be a good leader, and in fact, working on a project alone demonstrates some … Continue reading “How to Develop Your Leadership Potential?”