The Importance of Presentation Skills in the Workplace

The importance of presentation skills and communication in the workplace can’t be overstated. As published in the Forbes article, New Survey: 70% Say Presentation Skills Are Critical For Career Success, people polled confirmed their belief that presentation skills are key to achieving career success. Unfortunately, knowing what is necessary is easier than actually doing it since … Continue reading “The Importance of Presentation Skills in the Workplace”

Becoming A Therapist: Physical Therapy Vs. Occupational Therapy

Making the decision to enter into a career in health care is not one made lightly. Those who join the health care profession typically are motivated by a powerful call to help people, as well as the opportunities for personal fulfillment and financial security found in the health care sector. All of those drives can … Continue reading “Becoming A Therapist: Physical Therapy Vs. Occupational Therapy”

15 Tips to Boost Your Networking Skills

For some people the art of networking is a knack that they seem to be born with, while others can find it very difficult to get the ball rolling and connect with other professionals. However, with the right application and understanding, networking can be something that you breeze through and thoroughly enjoy. It can be … Continue reading “15 Tips to Boost Your Networking Skills”

Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018

The next natural step for anyone who has just finished their studies – whether high school, college, or even post-graduate studies – is to apply for a job and work to sustain their living. While entrepreneurship is becoming a trend among those who are old enough to work, not everyone has the aptitude or simply … Continue reading “Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018”

How To Stay Motivated When Working Alone?

No matter what stage of your career you are in, the chances are high that you’ve been able to work from home at some point. To many, working from home seems like an amazing job perk. What’s better than working in your pajamas from the comfort of your own house? Though working from home has … Continue reading “How To Stay Motivated When Working Alone?”

Understanding Importance of Employee Motivation

The motivation of staff continues to be one of the most complex management functions. This is because managing people within the process of achieving the set business goals, while maintaining satisfaction, a good working relationship and contented employees is, as you know, a difficult matter. You can do this in various ways, but you need … Continue reading “Understanding Importance of Employee Motivation”

E-learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

By now, we’ve learned that the learning process doesn’t end once you graduate from college. Hence, the term “learning” should not be mixed with education. The main reason to that is simply because education yields temporary results, while learning brings permanent and lifetime improvements. We are capable of absorbing knowledge throughout our whole life and … Continue reading “E-learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2018”

The Favorite Business Books Of Iconic Female Entrepreneurs

No matter where you are in your career, there is always an opportunity to learn more. While you might not be available to take extra classes at the weekend, or spend a fortune on an expensive certification program, there’s one tried-and-true solution for sharpening your mind. Reading. The benefits of reading are well-documented, and actually … Continue reading “The Favorite Business Books Of Iconic Female Entrepreneurs”