What Makes An Impressive Business Leader?

Anyone can become a good leader, but to truly be an impressive leader is a feat that only few can accomplish. There is a great importance on leadership in any organization, especially when a business is concerned, because leadership is the catalyst for achieving a business’ maximum efficiency, capacity, and potential. Organizational goals can only … Continue reading “What Makes An Impressive Business Leader?”

7 Videoconferencing Etiquette for Effective Meetings

It takes a while to establish the proper etiquette for any new communications technology. The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, originally believed people should answer the phone by saying “Ahoy-hoy.” That didn’t take, obviously, but it took some time and practice until answering the phone with “hello” became standard. It’s the same today … Continue reading “7 Videoconferencing Etiquette for Effective Meetings”

The 3 Most Common Time Wasters at Work

Employees wasting time at work is a big concern to employers. According to a survey, 80.4% of people waste time at work! Employees spend time on non-work related activities like talking on the phone or texting, gossiping, browsing the web, and on social media. Also there are some in-office distractions like messy work environment, unproductive … Continue reading “The 3 Most Common Time Wasters at Work”

How to Stop These 16 Biases That Can Influence Your Hiring Decision?

When hiring new employees, you always want to look for the best of the best. However, this process takes time and a lot of effort, which you should never take for granted. This includes not letting biases influence your hiring decision. As a recruiter, you can be biased and not even know it. Therefore, you … Continue reading “How to Stop These 16 Biases That Can Influence Your Hiring Decision?”

What is Paralanguage?

Giving presentations – there’s no simply escape from it, from grade school to college life to our professional life. No matter how much we hate creating and designing visuals and slides and speaking in front of a bunch of people, we have no choice to do it. When we were students, we absolutely had no … Continue reading “What is Paralanguage?”

Take Control of Your Vocation with a Lucrative Side-Hustle

Having a job offers ongoing security, but many people find that necessity drives them to take regular employment in a role that really doesn’t speak to what they’re passionate about. It is a rare privilege indeed to end up in a main career where you’re doing what you’re interested in and where you real talents … Continue reading “Take Control of Your Vocation with a Lucrative Side-Hustle”

20+ Productivity Apps That Will Turn You Into A Timelord

It’s one thing to be productive and another thing to be busy. If you always find yourself being busy and working all the time, you’re probably not managing your time well enough. If you’re being productive and mindful at work then you’ll always find time to do the non-work related things you love doing. Do … Continue reading “20+ Productivity Apps That Will Turn You Into A Timelord”

10 Ways to Destress Your Employees

Bottom line is your employees’ jobs are bound to be stressful at times. Although you shouldn’t be expected to keep your employees relaxed every minute of the work day, there’s no doubt that too much stress can negatively impact them — and, ultimately, your business. The majority of Americans say their work is the single-biggest … Continue reading “10 Ways to Destress Your Employees”

What Does Jeff Bezos Resume Look Like?

Jeff Bezos is one of the few people that do not need an introduction after saying their name. At the moment the 2nd richest man in the world, on the way to becoming the 1st soon, he is best known as being the founder and the CEO of the giant Amazon.com, which is the largest … Continue reading “What Does Jeff Bezos Resume Look Like?”

How Should Companies Prepare for Generation Z?

The generation after Millennials is here, and it is called Gen Z or Generation Z among many others. They are the ones born in 1996 or after, the youngest generation which has different expectations in all areas, be it as customers, citizens or employees. They are soon to become the fastest growing group of customers, … Continue reading “How Should Companies Prepare for Generation Z?”