What Millennials Expect From their Employers

Millennials are joining the workforce in increasing numbers and will represent nearly 75 percent by 2025. Currently, 40 percent of companies employ 50 or more millennials; however 44 percent of millennials say they will leave their job within two years. This generation is considered the most diverse in U.S. history and has obtained more college … Continue reading “What Millennials Expect From their Employers”

The Growing Need for Nursing Educators

Nursing educators are an important part of the healthcare industry, because they provide the training and education to the next generation of nurses. Currently, there is a shortage of nurses as well as a high demand for nursing professionals, so the job outlook for nurse educators is high.  There are several reasons why there is … Continue reading “The Growing Need for Nursing Educators”

11 Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity

Productivity fluctuates; sometimes you do a lot, while in other instances you can’t seem to complete even the easiest tasks. Some assignments that can be completed in a short period of time take hours or even days. Isn’t this frustrating? Of course, it is! Low productivity has a major impact on our confidence. When you … Continue reading “11 Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity”

How To Freelance Like A King In 2017

For 9-5 workers, time is a vital resource. There’s never enough of it to get everything done, especially when you spend more than 30 minutes commuting from your house to your workplace and vice-versa. Time is difficult to come by for the busiest of people, but luckily, there’s hope in freelancing. The numerous people making … Continue reading “How To Freelance Like A King In 2017”

The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

While some people prefer to work consistently in one place, oftentimes the city they were born in, others prefer to combine work with travel, the classic example of this being the role of a flight attendant. Flying all over the world, working erratic hours (compared to a 9-5) and being away from home for much … Continue reading “The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel”

The Most Employable Cities in USA

It is easier to find jobs in some cities than others. Depending on where you live, however, the job search can be a daunting prospect. You might have amazing qualifications but are simply living in a city where jobs are hard to come by in your industry. This infographic from Hansen & Company takes you … Continue reading “The Most Employable Cities in USA”

Hiring Statistics You Need to Know for 2017

2017 is bringing some big changes to the job market. With hiring volume expected to increase 58% in the U.S., the landscape is evolving. Millennials are coming in strong and almost 4 million executives are set to retire. EBI, a background check company, has put together a collection of the 60 hiring statistics that every job seeker and … Continue reading “Hiring Statistics You Need to Know for 2017”

An Employee’s Guide To Combatting Tiredness At Work

At the start of any working day, we all understand just how important it is to be switched on and ready to perform to the best of our ability.  However, as we also all know only too well, some days are much better than others. Whether it’s out of work commitments, working extra hours or … Continue reading “An Employee’s Guide To Combatting Tiredness At Work”

6 Personality Traits of A Successful Freelancer

Becoming a full-time freelancer takes a lot of time and effort. But to be a successful one, you have to give it everything you’ve got. Unlike a typical office job, freelance work will test your patience and discipline by subjecting you to spaces that are not really conducive for work, tempting you with distractions like … Continue reading “6 Personality Traits of A Successful Freelancer”

The Thing About Hard Work

Hard work. We don’t like it but it’s what we must do to achieve success. Taking note that we have our own definition of success. But the thing with hard work is that it always pays off. You won’t go wrong doing hard work especially if you love what you do and feel that your … Continue reading “The Thing About Hard Work”