How to Fast-Track Your Way to Promotion?

A job promotion happens when an employee moves up the organizational ranks of a company and takes on often harder, more advanced tasks that are still related to his or her former position. Aside from taking on new (sometimes, even more) responsibilities, it can also include handling a team or employees of a lower rank … Continue reading “How to Fast-Track Your Way to Promotion?”

The Trend of Telecommuting and its Implications in the Workplace

The method of telecommuting is slowly but surely catching on in the global workplace. Also known as remote work, telecommuting has become a viable alternative to traditional office work. Many factors have contributed to the growing popularity of remote jobs, ranging from economic to social conditions. Technological advances in computer and internet systems have also … Continue reading “The Trend of Telecommuting and its Implications in the Workplace”

Are You Due for a Sabbatical?

When was the last time that you felt refreshed and restored, ready to take on whatever the day threw at you? Maybe you feel that way once a week—say, when you actually get a good night’s sleep. Or maybe you feel that way when you actually spend a weekend and don’t have to work. Or … Continue reading “Are You Due for a Sabbatical?”

How to Start Your Freelancer Career?

In 2010 the software company Inuit conducted a research about the U.S. Workforce. According to its results, by 2020 above 40% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. It’s more than 60 million people. The freelance movement is growing and powerful. In 2014, 33% of the U.S. workforce tried freelancing within the year. Why Is … Continue reading “How to Start Your Freelancer Career?”

6 Top CV Lies – How to Spot Them?

Lying on your CV might sound a bit pointless – after all, you aren’t likely to get the job if you get caught out.  Yet figures show that one-third of people lie on the CVs and the problem is so big that the UK Fraud Prevention Office even got involved a couple of years ago, … Continue reading “6 Top CV Lies – How to Spot Them?”

How to Turn Your Workspace into a Desk Sanctuary?

With the new year comes a desire for a fresh start, and the most common ways people set out to achieve this is through a new fitness program or by giving up unhealthy foods. And while these are always great ideas, all too often we neglect to pay attention to some other aspects of our … Continue reading “How to Turn Your Workspace into a Desk Sanctuary?”

How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas?

Whether you live for coming up with innovative, new ideas, or feel intimidated by the brainstorming process, it’s always beneficial to improve your idea generation process. For many, the best ideas strike when we least expect them, which makes the brainstorming process incredibly challenging. Those that are able to come up with great ideas on … Continue reading “How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas?”

The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap

In 2011, an independent government review recommended that all UK FTSE 100 companies aim to have at least 25% of their board members be female by 2015. Three years on from that date, and with International Women’s Day just around the corner, serviced apartments provider SilverDoor have carried out research into the FTSE 100 to see just … Continue reading “The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap”