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Everyone strives to boost their productivity levels at work. However, there are times when levels of productivity are very low.

Why is this?

I’ve got four shocking reasons for unproductive workers listed down below:

1. Temperature

It doesn’t take much to make some less productive at work than they should be. And, this point is a great example of that! Did you know that the temperature can have a bearing on how well someone performs at work?

It’s true, fluctuations in the temperature can be harmful to productivity levels at work. If you’ve ever worked in a hot and stuffy place, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s incredibly hard to concentrate when you’re roasting. Now and then you’ll get up and walk to the nearest window for some fresh air. Or, you’ll stop what you’re doing and fan yourself for a few minutes.

All of these stoppages are preventing you from doing work and being productive. Plus, while you work, your mind is elsewhere. All you can think about is how hot and sweaty you feel.

The same can be said when it’s incredibly cold too. Your main focus is warming you up, rather than getting your work done. It seems overdramatic, but the temperature needs to be just right. It has to make you feel comfortable, so you’re not thinking about how hot/cold you are.

The best solution is to have an HVAC system installed where you work. Whether you work from home or in an office, it can help control the temperature. It will cool you down when you’re too hot, and warm you up when you’re too cold. Thus, you remain focused and productive.

2. Ergonomically Incorrect Workstation

One of the biggest causes of low levels of productivity is how you do your work. The way you sit and the chairs you sit on has a huge bearing. In an ideal world, you need a proper ergonomically correct workstation.

This ensures that you do your work in a comfortable position, without getting sore. The problem is, hardly anyone follows proper ergonomics. They’ll have any old desk chair, and their computer screen won’t be the proper height.

All this does is lead to aches and pains occurring in your body. You’ll get a sore back and neck, and it starts to bother you. You’ll need to take regular breaks to stretch and walk around to relieve the pain and tension. Of course, it’s good to stand up and stretch, but you can’t do it too often.

Plus, an ergonomically incorrect workstation causes pain. And, pain can be very distracting. Instead of focusing on your work, you’re too busy worrying about all the pain in your back and neck. Your work output slows down, and you become unproductive. So, you have to ensure that you’ve got good ergonomics at your workstation. Ensure that you’re working without any pain, and you’ll be far more productive at work.

Pain, in general, is a cause of low productivity levels. If you experience any pain, you need to get it seen to as soon as possible. It may be unrelated to your workstation, but it still plays on your mind.

Go to the doctor and get a full health check to see if you’re in a good enough condition to work. If they say you aren’t, then, you should take time off to get yourself better. Then, return to work in good physical shape and more productive than ever!

3. Lack of Network Security

Believe it or not, but a lack of network security can be the cause of unproductive workers. No doubt many of you are a bit skeptical right now. So, allow me to explain what I mean. When your network has good levels of security, it’s far more stable and secure. This means that there’s a low risk of things going wrong.

You won’t experience breaches that shut the network down, and it will stay up at all times. What this does is allow everyone to stay connected, and carry on with their work. With a secure network, they don’t have to worry about sudden drops or outages. They can get as much work done as possible, and be highly productive.

Flip things around, and imagine a workplace with no network security. It won’t be protected from any threats and can experience regular outages. This means people can’t work as productively as they’d like. They have to worry about the network dropping and spend time waiting for it to get fixed. This is a problem for both businesses and individuals that need the internet to do their work.

It’s advisable that you find a good IT security policy, and keep your network safe and secure. Then, you’ll see all the benefits, and be more productive every day.

4. Computer Speed

low levels of productivity at work

Sometimes, the reason you’re unproductive is down to your computer. It goes without saying that the majority of people will use a computer at work. And, you rely on it to be as fast as you need it to be. If you want to get lots of work done, you’ll have various applications and tabs open at once. So, you must have a computer that can handle all of this, and not slow down.

Unfortunately, a lot of old PC’s aren’t capable of this. As a result, you’re left waiting for things to load, and it prevents you from being as productive as possible.

Obviously, the clear solution to this is buying a better computer. But, you can also try and clean your current one to get rid of old files and data you don’t need. It frees up space on the device and might increase your productivity at work.

Or, you could check your internet connection, as that could be what’s slowing you down. If the pages are taking ages to load in your web browser, then you should run a speed test.

This will show you how fast your internet is, and whether or not it’s the thing at fault. If the speeds are high, then it’s probably your computer that’s causing the low loading times.

If you want to be more productive at work, then you have to address all four of these causes. We posted an article previously, including an infographic that showed you what you could do to be more productive at work. Check it out, as it can help you address the causes mentioned.


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