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With all the talk of a change of career sometimes the people forgotten about are those in careers they enjoy but still want to progress. It can be hard sometimes when you are in a rut, feeling unchallenged and like you are owed some semblance of a benefit increase, be it pay rise or otherwise. 

But there are ways to push on forward, to get the promotion you so desire. Your career is important, and you should devote time to it and ensure it progresses in the way you had envisioned.

These tips may be of some help to you. Granted, you may already have thought of some of them and that’s great, but try you others, always push yourself and be assertive. Good luck!

1. Excel At What You Already Do

Before thinking of promotion you need to excel at what you already do. Otherwise, why bother promoting you?

Focus on your work and turn out the best stuff you possibly can. You need to be one of the best workers there. Think about other stuff too.

Are from another country, is your English slightly lacking?Sort it out, here AJ Hoge talks learning English faster. If everything you do is great then you have grounds to try and progress. It is all about sorting your foundations out.

You need firm foundations to push off before trying to grab the next rung on the ladder. Follow this through and you may not even need to ask for a promotion, it may be given to you.

2. Ask 

Sometimes you will just need to ask outright. Ask for a meeting with your superior and lay your cards on the table. They may be able to give you some information and push you up to where you need to be or they may knock you back.

Either way, they now know you are chasing a promotion and as such will bear you in mind in the future. They may give you a pay rise anyway to stop you jumping ship to another firm or business which can happen quite often, try to be diplomatic, don’t expect a promotion during a downturn or a period of upheaval in the company itself.

3. Better Yourself

Check in with your HR department. Are there courses on offer? Can you do things within the company that will look good like staying extra hours or helping out in a different department to make sure you know exactly how the business works.

Doing this shows initiative and proves that you have the ability to strike out on your own. It will impress your bosses to a certain degree and they may be more inclined to promote you. Do every course you can, explore every opportunity for betterment in your company possible to give yourself the best chances available.

If your company doesn’t do them consider external courses that you could do to help you push and progress. You’ll have to pay of course, but if you know they can help you get promoted they could give you that additional spurt of traction and reliability come the promotion interviews. Besides, you will genuinely learn and use skills that can benefit you in the workplace.

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