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Barbara Wilson

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About Barbara Wilson:

I am a career development and learning professional with a 20-year track record of improving individual capability, and helping teams and organizations achieve their objectives. What drives me: leveraging strength as an educator, trusted advisor, and coach to help others find clearer direction and goals, move forward with confidence, and achieve the success they define.

I am a trained CTI Co-Active Coach. I am a trained Career Development Practitioner. I understand and have a work experience ranging from large for-profit corporations to smaller, community-based non-profits. I have recruited, hired, coached and managed people. I understand the demands placed on recruiters to find the best talent.

I also understand the world of work has changed. It’s not enough to go with the flow and wait for your manager to tap you on the shoulder.

You have to #beyourowntalentagent: know your values and motivations, your strengths and accomplishments, and align your unique value proposition to the needs of an employer.

Know yourself.

As I Coach, I help you find clarity to go forward and make a resonant choice for yourself:
  • What is important to you in work and life? What lights you up?
  • How can you lean into your best self to find career fulfillment?
  • How are you getting in your own way of your career progression?
  • What strengths and skills do you enjoy using most?
  • What problems do you want to solve?
  • What are the values you are not willing to compromise any longer?

Know your target.


As a Career Development Practitioner, I help you build the tools and skills to confidently find what’s next:
  • Career exploration
  • Networking
  • Job search strategy
  • Personal branding and LinkedIn makeovers
  • Strategic résumé preparation
  • Interview preparation

Professional Memberships

  • Chair of the Board, Ontario Association of Career Management
  • Member, Career Professionals of Canada
  • Member, Strategic Capability Network
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