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Carrie Wakeford

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About Carrie Wakeford:

I have always loved puzzles. As a small child, adults would be amazed at my ability to put individual pieces together to create the big picture. Fortunately I still have the opportunity to solve puzzles on a daily basis. Whenever I create a training program, manage a project or work with someone to develop their résumé, I look for patterns and systems that make it possible to create a logical flow of information. If you keep the big picture in mind while organizing the details you end up with the outcome you want.

I have also earned a reputation as someone who enjoys challenges, new opportunities and learning. This led me to my first online course in 2006 where I learned techniques for developing interactive, adult-focused, online training. Online training seemed like a logical step for someone who enjoyed facilitating training, learning about new technology and software.

My curiosity about the career paths people follow and my interest in helping people reach their goals means that I will never give up my work as a career consultant. Whether I am meeting people in person or online, I never cease to be amazed by the careers, goals, and dreams of my clients.

I live by the motto “Variety is the Spice of Life”. So whether I am taking on a new project or heading out on a backcountry canoe trip with Pat, or starting a new agility class with my Border Collie Oreo, I always look forward to the new adventure.


  • Certified Resume Strategist
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