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Charmaine Johnson

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About Charmaine Johnson:

Having worked with Job Seekers & Co-op Students for over 10 years, I understand the effects stress & anxiety can have on the job search process & work performance. An individual’s self-image, mental health & personal relationships are an integral part of their ability to realize their dreams. I believe in taking a holistic approach to help you manage your professional & personal life and empowering you with the tools for self-management into the future.

Hypnotherapy has been effective for many professionals aiming to excel in their field – developIng public speaking confidence, reducing interview and networking anxiety, combating exam nerves, enhancing memory retention, overcoming procrastination – all in just a few sessions. Hypnotherapy is also effective with personal concerns such as weight loss.

As a certified resume strategist, I can also assist you with your job search planning & resume development. Through visualizing your success, you can reframe negative thoughts and habits that may be hindering your success.


  • Certified Resume Strategist
Seneca College
Richmond Hill
Human Resources Today