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Ferdy Ed

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About Ferdy Ed:

I am Ferdy Ed, Job Coach and Founder of ‘ MY JOB, MY PASSION’. 

I am passionate about people. My mission is to provide you with tools and strategies to find a job. But I do not stop there. I go further by helping you discover who you really are and what makes you unique. I strongly believe that we all deserve to know who we are, to reveal our true potential.

I have a Masters in Human Resources Management and a proud member of the Association of Career Development Professionals of Canada. I have several years of international experience in the recruitment field. My experiences working in different continents have given me practical knowledge and strategies that I use today to impact the world.

On a personal level, I had very difficult moments. I knew the difficulties of finding a job. I have experienced the bitter feeling of being in a job that you do not like at all with the only option of keeping it to pay your bills. 

After periods of doubt, fear, questioning, sacrifice, misunderstanding, and confusion, I managed to discover what was ultimately my mission of life. I took the time to truly grasp this unique message that the universe was transmitting to me, to listen to this voice that kept talking to me and to respond to the heartbeat that echoed inside me. Today, it is with a firm commitment, and a passion like no other that I accompany professionals from all sides in the field of employment across Europe,

I sincerely believe that our life begins to make sense when we connect with our passion and discover what makes us happy.

My deepest wish in this project is, therefore, to help you do what you have always dreamed of doing and become what you have always wanted to be. Believe me, success begins with passion.

Ferdy Ed - My Job, My Passion
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