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Lara Heacock

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About Laura Heacock:

If you’re anything like me, there’s a place in your life where you’ve hit the point of burnout or confusion: career, home, relationship… You may be in a massive period of change or you may simply be that person who takes care of everyone else.

On the outside, things look pretty good, but it doesn’t feel that way on the inside.

I hear you. I spent decades trying to check all the right boxes, juggle everything and keep it all under control. Even though I was outwardly successful, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my life. I kept hearing how great and together my life looked, but I wasn’t happy.

I am now committed to helping you learn what took me over a decade, and a lot of pain, to learn:
  • Balance is possible
  • Success and happiness can coexist
  • Life can and should be enjoyed!

With a degree in counseling psychology, an MBA, a Life Coaching Certification and the real-life experience of turning my own life around, I can help you do the same.

You deserve to:
  • Feel good about life
  • Be able to handle life’s curveballs in a healthy way
  • Make choices that feel good to you
  • Make yourself a priority without feeling selfish
  • Build real, lasting self-confidence
  • Own your worth and set healthy boundaries
  • Be more engaged with everyone around you
  • Feel like yourself again and find BALANCE!
Within just a few months, you’ll:
  • Have a stronger sense of self and feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • Be able to prioritize instead of procrastinating
  • Easily handle the monkey wrenches that life will continue to throw at you
  • Have the time to actually appreciate everything that you work so hard to achieve
  • Have proven practices to deal with stress and stay calm
  • Be able to comfortably set boundaries and kindly say “No”
  • Find a renewed sense of purpose and engagement in your life
  • Be more connected and present with your loved ones
  • Accomplish more, while doing less, and enjoy your life the way you deserve!
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