3 Reasons To Come Out of Your Comfort Zone For Career Growth

“Oh that job gave me a good rise but required  me to move to a  faraway city. I wish I had accepted it.”

If you ever came across a similar thought, you prefer to be in your “comfort zone”. 

Everybody  loves to be in their comfort zone, be it their personal life or career. But we are hardly aware of the stagnation it brings in our life, especially the disaster in our career.

Sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can bring great success in your career.

Overcoming  the fear of unknown, high pressure or fast pace helps us to come out of our comfort zone.

Here are three reasons why you should push yourself  out of your comfort zone:

1. You are not making any progress

Sometimes our job is comfortable   without much stress  and we prefer to stick to it. We have  a daily routine which we get used  to and keep following it realizing one day that we have not made  much progress over the years.

There has hardly been any type of financial growth, neither  learnt  any new skill or professional development. The sooner we realize this the better it is for us.

This of course would mean building up our courage to make a change in our career path, daily routine, lifestyle, new organization  – moving away from our comfort zone. The new  experiences  are sometimes life changing  and  open doors for great success  and progress in our career.

2. You are not learning anything new

Often we are not learning anything new in our career. Doing the same job over a period  of time with no new learning opportunities can bring stagnation in our professional growth even if there is ample financial stability.

Working on the same or similar projects over a period of time may make us expert in that area but  we  might not be able to handle a job which requires a different set of skills.

Making ourselves  adept with new skills and taking up new challenges helps us  to deal with changes in life very easily.

If the present job does not give any opportunity to grow professionally  it is better to look for change.

3. Helps you  to develop as a leader

When you have different experiences and various skills, it helps you to  become a better team leader. The idea of moving to a new city or joining a new organisation might not seem favourable at the first instance but it is definitely worth it if provides  opportunity for career growth.

Having a variety of experiences in life helps us to grow as a person and a better professional. Participating in team building activities and programs etc. helps you to develop leadership skills.

Taking up new challenges helps us to understand ourselves and our hidden potentials. It can bring a new zeal in our otherwise monotonous routine.

Taking up roles which involves a higher level of thinking and decision making will eventually take you to the next level in your career.

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Rafat Aara works as a faculty member at MANUU, India . She teaches professional development to post graduate students and is associated as an independent consultant with Oxfam India. 

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