How to Convince a Recruiter That You Are the One and Only

Competing with thousands of other applicants is not to be taken lightly. Everyone is an expert in his own field, has an MBA or a Ph.D. to boot, and a long list of achievements. So how does one stand out from a pool of job seekers who consider themselves also as the one and only? 

While you think we have exhausted all possible means of setting you apart from the crowd, there are, in fact, still steps that you can take to convince the recruiters that you are the one who is perfect for the job. 

1. Follow instructions 

It is the very first thing these recruiters notice. Imagine them going through hundreds of applications for one job. You have to understand that these people are actually pressed for time and will not have the luxury to go through every application as thorough as possible. They have to come up with the most efficient methods and procedures to make a shortlist of these applicants who would qualify for an interview.

Prove yourself from the very start by actually following directions. Check if they imposed rules on how to layout your resume – from subheadings to its chronological order, even to where you place your picture. Be very meticulous about it and check their website for the complete rules and perhaps some tips coming from the Human Resources department itself.

Accordingly, if you make it to the next step, an interview, for example, make sure you go there at least 15 minutes earlier and show up wearing the company’s dress code. It would depend on the company on what type of clothes they require so make sure to do your research first before showing up.

2. Be interested

Unfortunately, some job seekers apply to almost all possible job applications available to them without even considering if it is something, they are actually passionate about or qualified for. Before applying, read the job description carefully and evaluate whether it is something that you will be happy to work on and whether the company will actually benefit from you, too.

Without you knowing, recruiters actually ask questions that will help them find out if you really care about the job or if you are only looking to get employed without considering what the job really is. Additionally, when sending in your resume, make sure to customize it according to the job application. You can show you care by these little acts of exerting effort to tailor your resume and include only the qualifications that are actually related to the job description.

Should you need assistance in writing your resume, you can visit and review the various options available. Be aware, however, not to be too clingy and desperate for the job. Following up once is acceptable but do not waste their time by following up every day because this could reflect negatively on your application.

3. Tell the truth

It is a norm to put yourself in the best light possible when applying for the job and that is okay. But these recruiters hate being misled. Note that there is a fine line between promoting yourself and lying. It is actually possible to make yourself stand out by giving straight information to your recruiters without the frills.

Remember that these recruiters exercise due diligence which means they will be calling some references to verify whether you are telling the truth such as your previous employers or your school.

Additionally, telling them about some of your weaknesses can turn out positive for you by making them feel that you are actually aware of the mistakes you have made and that you have actually done something to correct these mistakes. While telling the truth is recommended, remember that it is not an excuse to come out aggressive or to bad mouth your previous employers. Always remember to keep it professional. After all, you want them to like you.

4. Prepare

Most job seekers end up failing miserably in interviews because they show up unprepared and totally clueless about the possible questions that may be asked in the process. So how do you prepare for an interview?

Well, the first thing to do is to know by heart what the company and job position are. A lot of questions will be about your knowledge of the business and the work itself so make sure you do your research.

Do not forget the basic information such as the company’s mission and vision. The second thing to do is to be able to recite your resume because this is how you are going to present or introduce yourself. Note that sometimes, these recruiters will ask you to introduce yourself by stating information that is not included already in your resume. So think about it so you do not end up literally speechless during the interview.

Remember that you are also allowed to ask questions during the interview so take this opportunity to know or make clarifications about the company and the job position. After all, these are all necessary things to know before you agree to a contract of employment.


Maintain a proper conduct. If you succeed in impressing these recruiters, know that there could be other steps to take before you are officially offered a job and that includes an interview with your direct supervisor or manager. Because of this, they will also be looking at your manners.

Manners can be manifested through the way you dress and the way you act and talk. This means you have to make sure that you dress the part. You can ask them directly what the dress code is or observe the rest of the employees.

For good measure, it is recommended to ask outright rather than make assumptions. As for the way you act and talk, the key is to be polite at all times.

Give them the impression that you are someone who can deal with just about anyone in the business from the executives down to the janitorial staff.

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