SEO professionals are responsible for the mammoth task of ensuring a raging organic search visibility, amidst a fast changing environment. They must remain abreast of the latest developments in the field and continuously learn new things; meaning that there is virtually no margin for a drop in attention.

On a daily basis, SEO professionals have to engage in a plethora of activities including, but not limited to, consultation, audits, competitor analysis, industry research, keyword research, inter-departmental coordination, report generation and networking.

So, how can you ensure the provision of value added services to your employer as well as your client’s website(s)?

Here we have outlined the daily tasks of an SEO Specialist along with a comprehensive set of hacks that will magnify your productivity several fold:

1. Getting organized

For most SEO professionals, the day starts with a brief glance at their email inbox. A large number of clients send emails after office hours. Thus, responding quickly to queries is imperative to ensure a smooth flow of operations. Therefore, it would serve you well to organize your inbox and prioritize your tasks accordingly.

For the rest of the day, try to view and respond to emails at pre-designated times. Going back and forth to respond to emails can take up a lot of time and distract you from your day’s most important tasks. Therefore, use the ‘surgery hours’ approach to monitor your emails, where by, you only check and respond to emails three times a day.

SEO professionals are required to handle multiple assignments simultaneously, therefore, instead of drafting a to-do list every day, opt for a time tracking tool that will allow you to remain on top of things. Most time tracking applications are free of cost and will ensure that you don’t get sidetracked from important deliverables.

2. Building and monitoring links

Link building and monitoring involves getting links to your client’s site from quality, high authority and related/ relevant sites. Efficient link building and monitoring leads to an increase in website visibility, boosting incoming traffic from linked websites as well as ranking.

Moreover, high-quality links are also an indication of a valuable and reliable website. Therefore, a huge portion of an SEO professional’s time is spent finding new opportunities to generate links, reading blogs to identify new link generation ideas, tracking existing links and rectifying changes in the website’s backlink profile.

Make use of free tools, such as Xenu, that check all external website links and generate status reports in a matter of minutes. With time consuming link tests out of the way, you can put all your energy in fixing or removing damaged links.

3. Continuous learning

Continuous learning is an integral part of an SEO expert’s job, owing to a rapidly changing industry. With every passing minute, new techniques and tools surface. Therefore, SEO professionals can only add value, if they remain up-to-date with these developments. SEO experts have to examine various blogs and read up about algorithm changes as well as employ new SEO techniques on a daily basis.

This can be difficult to manage in a hectic routine, so we recommend the use of tools like Pocket, which allow you to save articles, videos, etc. in one place that you can read when you’re free.

4. Community interactions and networking

To make their mark in the fiercely competitive internet marketing industry, both self-employed and agency-employed SEO professionals have to maintain a strong web-presence. This allows them to learn about recent developments in the industry, develop  strong reputations, acquire new business and add credible backlinks.

SEO specialists tend to post regularly on community platforms. So they need to frequently switch user accounts. Doing so multiple times a day can be tedious, so opt for Quick Login which will enable you to switch between up to 10 Google accounts with ease. It will also save you the trouble of recalling passwords.

5. Keyword research and analysis

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most significant responsibilities of an SEO professional, as it allows him to reach out to customers, increase search engine rankings and learn more about his target audience. It also enables a professional to anticipate shifts in demand, adapt to evolving market conditions and produce offerings that his customers desire.

However, keyword research and analysis can be both boring and time consuming. To tackle this, we recommend the use of tools that will speed up the entire process by providing you with lists of high ranking keywords suggestions, tracking their performance, analyzing competitors etc.

Some popular tools for keyword search and analysis include Advanced Web Ranking, Affilorama, Wordstream, Übersuggest, Ultimate Keyword Hunter and Wordze.

Accurately gauging the efficiency of your efforts can allow you to focus on tactics that produce results and improve upon those that need modification. This can be done with the help of keyword research metrics such as average monthly search volume, search volume changes over time, suggested bid prices, etc.

6. Content strategy and ideation

As part of a content strategy, the job of an SEO expert entails determining the purpose of the website’s content and how it will be compiled, managed and updated. They also have to identify relevant topics for their client’s content.

Here are some tips on making your content generation and ideation efforts more productive:

A) Metrics

In order to ensure that the content being created by you and your team is up to the mark, be sure to use the following metrics:

  1. Sharing metrics which indicate the number of times your content has been shared on social media platforms.
  2. Consumption metrics which indicate statistics like page views, visits, downloads etc.
  3. Lead generation metrics which calculate the rate at which your visitors opt-in for subscription lists, requesting quotes or submit forms.
  4. Sales metrics which indicate the frequency of leads turning into sales.

B) Ideation tools

Use content ideation tools such as Evernote, Jump Start and that will both support and catalyze your ideation process.

C) Minimalist word processor apps

Both ideation and content generation demand tremendous focus which can be difficult to maintain with new notifications popping up every minute. In such an instance, using minimalist word processors like WriteMonkey or Typed can be a huge blessing as they provide full-screen and distraction free writing platforms. These tools increase the quality of your work and reduce the overall time spent.

D) Block unwanted websites

Technical and creative aspects of SEO require undivided attention. However, SEO professionals often find themselves distracted by certain websites which may be important otherwise but can also inhibit creativity. So, we recommend the use of browser extensions like Stayfocused that will allow you to blacklist websites that you know will reduce your productivity.

7. Content Promotion

SEO professionals often need to seek publicity for their client’s web-content, not to mention, to develop their own brand. To do so, they utilize paid, earned and owned coverage all aimed at receiving a healthy amount of traffic.

You can boost your productivity by using social media management tools like Sensible that will allow you to quickly share your content with a wide array of social networks. BuzzBundle is also recommended as it is extremely effective in promoting content and establishing web-presence at the same time.

8. Report generation

SEO experts are required to make analytical reports using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Therefore, you can increase your productivity by learning useful shortcuts for common functions that will allow you to save a tremendous amount of time.

In this article, we have shared what a typical day for a SEO Specialist might look like. As a bonus, we have also added productivity hacks for SEO Specialists to accomplish a whole lot more each day.

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