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Here are five simple ways to earn more as a Freelance Writer:

1) Get yourself registered in more Freelance Marketplaces

In the event that you need to profit you might want to check out all the job openings available online. There are several good online portals to land on lucrative freelance work.

Some of the notable platforms are eLance, Freelancer, GPA Labs and more. Here, you can register yourself as a writer and also build your own team of freelance writers, thus, inviting more business and earning big.

Once you’ve discovered new markets then you need to ensure that you actually get your written work distributed. Make a habit to convey no less than five inquiries or short stories to various writing portals consistently, so that the particular website keeps your work highlighted and you get more projects.

Regardless of the possibility that you may need to rise early or remain up late, this step will definitely help you get more jobs in the long run.

2) Compose more interesting and compelling work

Though it might sound as an obvious advice, but you’ll be astonished to know that there are several professionals out there who label themselves as scholars but haven’t actually published any significant interesting and thought-molding work.

To enhance your written work, get a book of a writer you like and try to rewrite it in your own words. This will enhance your skills of conveying the message. This will also give you a better than average comprehension of their written work style and how you can fuse it into your own composition.

3) Get into the habit of reading more

Whether you’re reading a popular novel written by a famous personality or the editorial page of your newspaper, building the habit of reading more will eventually help you in the long run. A wise man had said it rightly that to write better, you need to read better. Several successful writers are avid readers.

Regular reading not only improves you knowledge, but exposes you to different styles of writing. You can also come up with great ideas while working on your project.

4) Variate your writing and pick different writing jobs

Rather than adhering to a similar sort of things you compose, give other writing projects a shot. For example, if you’re generally compose articles for a men’s site, get your creative juices flowing for writing news blogs, jokes, and stories for the youngsters and find new places to submit them. There might be territories of writing that you don’t feel capable in.

Possibly you’ve never truly taken a chance at composing fiction, or, learning copywriting or composing SEO friendly work. Pick a type of writing that you’ve never attempted yet might want to learn, and after that figure out how to do it.

5) Put resources into your written work

Try not to be hesitant to invest some money to advance your freelance writing career. Anything that helps you to boost your performance should be taken note of.

From a laptop to a writing desk, and from a book on writing better to even attending a creative writing workshop, everything that you think will help you work in peace and would enhance your skill as a writer.

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