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More and more people become interested in the technology surrounding them. So it follows quite naturally that many people are interested in becoming engineers. But is this still a “wise” career choice?

A lot of people think that engineering sounds like an ‘old school’ job which might be going out of fashion.

Here are the things you need to consider.

Is it what you want to do?

Are you only asking about the prospects of engineering for personal gain in the future?

Then, for your own sake, you may want to look elsewhere. The quick answer to the question, if we look at it narrowly, is “yes”. But if you’re asking the question because you’re just looking for a lucrative career to pursue? Then you probably don’t have the right drive or passion for it.

As with any other field, you should probably be looking into something that’s going to make you happy. Going into a career solely for the monetary benefits at the end of the road isn’t necessarily going to make you happy.

If you’ve got the passion, do it

A lot of people are worried that engineering isn’t a viable career choice these days. But it seems that that’s true for every potential career path these days! People seem to get worried about career paths in pretty much everything except computer programming. The misconception is that these “older” skills and paths just aren’t in as much demand anymore. But engineering is still very much in high demand, let me assure you!


Of course, ‘engineering’ is a pretty loose term. You could be looking at computer engineering, agricultural engineering, petroleum engineering… The list goes on. So it’s best to consider the specific field of engineering you’re looking into.

That being said, you shouldn’t worry too much about career prospects in any of these engineering types.

There isn’t an industry going that doesn’t require the expertise of engineers. You also shouldn’t worry about the resources available to you if you’re still decided on an academic course. Any pursuit should be covered here. Check out this awesome resource for oil and gas engineers, for example.

What about the longevity of this path?

Sure, you may be able to get a lucrative job in the industry now. But what about a few decades from now? Is this still going to be a good career decision? Well, as I’ve said before, engineering is always going to be needed. So let’s assume that such a question is referring to specific workers and not the industry as a whole. Do engineers tend to stay on till over the age of fifty? The outlook here is positive.

The most in-demand engineering jobs are still populated with people over the age of 55 at a rate of 25-29%. 19% of all engineers in America are 55 and over. This may not sound like a lot, but this is actually a very good rate when you consider all careers.

The short answer

Yes. Do you have the passion? Do you want a career as an engineer? Then go for it; it’s a career path that won’t become less viable any time soon. 

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