Episode 020 – Expert Series : Doug Levin from JobStars LLC


Episode 020 - Expert Series : Doug Levin from JobStars LLCFor This Episode of The Expert Series – we will be hearing from Doug Levin from Job Stars LLC.

Doug Levin’s BIO

Doug Levin – Owner of JobStars LLC specializes in Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profiles, Personal Websites, and Career Coaching.
Doug is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) with 10+ years of experience in Career Services.
Prior to launching JobStars.com in 2013, Doug worked for major job board CareerBuilder.com for nearly 7 years in multiple departments of the company.
Doug earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Roosevelt University and is a Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches member.

Episode Summary

  1. Creating a Resume that is ATS (Application Tracking System) friendly is key. As more and more companies rely on technology to screen candidates – it is important to know how to optimize your resume.
  2. Crafting a clear and focussed cover letter to grab the reader’s attention. The goal of a cover letter and a resume is to get the first phone call from the employer.
  3. Leverage LinkedIn to network and uncover job opportunities.
  4. Importance of having a personal website for your branding and job search.
  5. How to prepare for a Job interview? What are some of the questions to ask during the job interview?
  6. The 3 Ps of Job Search used by successful candidates. – Patience, Persistence and Being Proactive.

To learn more & connect with Doug Levin – you can reach him through his LinkedIn account, Twitter or Email.

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