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Are you a freelancer and want to have a successful freelancing career?

Freelancing is an unpredictable but profitable business for professionals who want to offer their skills to multiple employers online in any industry. This allows individuals to build their career by taking new and exciting assignments from a number of companies.

But it is also very easy to lose your clients, damage your reputation or miss deadlines for projects by not having a solid business strategy and strong organizational skills in freelancing. That is why it is important that you have all the essential tools you have to begin a successful online freelancing career.

You can become an organized and sought after online freelancer by keeping in mind these six essential things to manage your clients and workload.

2. Have a varied Client List

To minimize your losses and to make sure that you get interesting assignments regularly have an extensive list of clients. Not all clients are fickle and unreliable, but it is good business acumen to work with multiple clients at the same time (if you can handle it).

Keep looking for prospective clients to gain maximum exposure and to cut down the risks of losing your revenue stream.

2. Keep your profile updated

One of the most important things that will boost your freelancing career and promote your capabilities to your prospective clients is to maintain an updated profile.

Make sure that you post your profile on different websites related to your industry so that you can generate business on a regular basis through exposure.

This will also keep your prospective clients updated about your skills, availability for freelance jobs, and services that you provide.

3. Set up a public portfolio

One of the first steps in establishing yourself as a freelancer is to establish and regularly update your public portfolio. Your portfolio should outline the services that you provide display all your previous work.

This is possible by adding a few links to your LinkedIn profile. Having a portfolio on LinkedIn is imperative because this is the site where business professionals get together to share ideas and talk about work.

It is an excellent platform for companies and freelancers because companies can for look qualified freelancers and you, as a freelancer, can also look for job opportunities. It is vital to fill out your profile, giving details about your professional accomplishments. Your portfolio is your first impression that your potential client will have of you that is why it is important to make an impression that will last.

You can also set up your personal website where you can showcase your work samples and resume. This will upgrade your professional image online and help you win new clients. Also, show your personal URLs on your business cards to promote your professional image.

4. Have an active social media presence

In today’s world, it is important to be active on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. These sites will help you market yourself. You should project confidence and be proud of your abilities and accomplishments.

5. Look for freelance work on different websites

To become a successful freelancer, you should have access to different online websites where you can look for suitable jobs. There are various websites where you can apply for freelancing jobs and widen your client list.

Always be sincere and honest with your clients. Admit your mistakes and be open to criticism.

Project a flexible and humble personality to seem more approachable when applying for jobs using different websites.

There are many freelancers available online but be sure that your clients are satisfied with your work and keep coming back to you. But make sure you are using right tools to manage your productivity and time when working on different sites.

6. High speed Internet

You can’t hope to become a successful online freelancer unless you have good Internet speed. You need a stable Internet connection for receiving and sending data online.

With a determined mindset, an organized plan of action, and a high quality router, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful online freelancer.

Do not try to achieve everything at the same time but rather focus on building upon your portfolio and gradually become successful.

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Adnan is a blogger and entreprenuer helping people to achieve success without striving. He is expert on time management and productivity.

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