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In case you missed these posts this past week (Nov 9th to Nov 13th) I have compiled the Top 5 Most shared/engaged articles on the web – on the topic of enhancing your Personal Brand.

1. Surprising Ways to Tweak Your Personal Brand

  • This post was originally published on Women Working and has received over 1000 Social Media shares just this past week.
  • Your personal brand is how people perceive you. And perception is reality.
  • The way people perceive you will affect their decision to hire you and what project to assign you to.
  • Use an exercise included in the post to learn how people currently perceive you. This will help you assess where you are, and what steps you can take to make changes


2. How to Deal with Personal Brand Criticism by Neil Patel

  • This post was originally published on Inc.com and has received more than 800 Social Media Shares this past week
  • When you are building your personal brand; you are bound to face occasional criticism. The criticism that you receive and how you handle it is part of your personal brand
  • Accept the criticism but do not internalize it. The critic does not know everything about you as a person. They might be criticizing your posts, status update, or your profile.
  • If it is a mistake you can correct – make the correction, acknowledge it, and move on.
  • If the criticism is around an issue- separate the issue from the person; and deal with the issue.


3. Avoid These 4 Common Missteps In Building Your Personal Brand by Jay Denhart-Lillard

  • This post was originally published on Digital Doughnut and has gained more than 500 Social Media shares just in 1 day.
  • Before you get started working on your personal brand – take some time to analyze your current strengths and where you want to go. With this information, you can start building a foundation for building your brand
  • Just get started. There are too many options, multiple advice on how to do anything. Don’t fall into the options paralysis phase. It is paramount that you start taking specific action steps.
  • Stay consistent with your personality. And ensure that your brand is also consistent with the type of social media platform you use – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,etc.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help. Many people will be willing to help you – friends, mentors,coaches in your quest.


4. How to Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter by Aaron Lee

  • This post was originally published on V3B and has gained more than 300 Social Media Shares just this past week.
  • The post talks about unique ideas on how you can leverage Twitter to enhance your personal brand
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words -having a great profile picture helps you get more exposure on Twitter. It also builds authenticity
  • Provide value to others on Twitter; don’t just talk about yourself – retweet other’s posts, share useful information. The more valuable information you share – the more exposure your Twitter account & personal brand will get
  • Get involved in Twitter Chats. You can also host your own Twitter chats (similar to podcasts). You can use these as an opportunity to brand yourself as an expert


5. Mistakes You Are Making With Your Personal Brand by AJ Agarwal

  • This post was originally published on Tech.co and has received more than 300 Social Media Shares this week.
  • When it comes to social media and blogging – the quality of your content is important. Ensure that you are not publishing bad content, and also your messaging is consistent.
  • The appearance of your personal brand is very important; this shapes other’s perceptions of your brand and can impact their relationship with you.
  • Keep it relevant to your audience; your messaging should be consistent with what your target audience wants to read or learn. Avoid spamming them by posting too often and promoting poor content.


Hope you find the above list useful. Tips, ideas & tricks are useless unless & until you put them into action. These 5 posts have tons of ideas to start improving your personal brand starting now. What one action are you going to take, to improve your Personal Brand?

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