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The world has transitioned faster than our imagination after the advent of the internet. The demographic changes and the technological advancements combined have given rise to unemployment.

It is said that by the end of 2020, there will be a net loss of about 5 million jobs. According to our report, more than 7 million jobs could be lost, a majority of which include white-collar and administrative jobs.

An authentic report surveyed more than 350 employees across 9 industries to predict the evolvement of the future labor markets. Over the next few years, it is expected that the job market will go through a radical change where certain occupations will become more in demand.

Let’s look at the following jobs that will gain popularity in the year 2020.

1. Data Analysts

According to the survey report, the data analysts will acquire more importance than any other occupation in almost all the industries. The data analysts will provide reliable information to the employers generated by various technological software.

The information provided by the data analysts are confidential and also used by several government agencies.

2. Programmers and Software Developers

The good news for computer programmers and mathematicians is that their careers will be on boost even shortly. They will be in demand by a majority of sectors where they will work to build communication between humans and machines. Also included in this category are information security analysts, code developers, and many others.

3. Sales Specialists

The technological advancements have created a technological barrier between the industry and the consumers. Though the companies now aim to make their processes transparent, they still need to make a lot of effort to explain their assets.

For this purpose, the companies will be willing to hire specialized sales agents that will connect the customers with the companies and will exchange the information. This includes several sectors such as mainstream businesses, industrial sectors, and government agencies.

4. Engineers and Architects

Though there seems to be a major decline in engineering jobs over the past decade, our report predicts that by the year 2020 the engineering jobs will increase over time and then develop stability. The demand will specifically increase in the area of nanotechnology, robotics, and biochemical.

Just like engineering, the demand for architects will also increase. It is said that approximately 2 million jobs will be globally created under the umbrella of computer and mathematics which will result in the rise of jobs for architects as well. As more technological tools will develop, the architects will be able to transform the infrastructures creatively.

Engineering Jobs

5. Senior Managers

To keep their game on point, companies would need experienced managers. The managers will not only be needed for the navigation but also direct the industries to keep up to date with the technology.

For major transformations, these managers will play the lead role and help the companies grow tremendously especially in the sector of information, media, and entertainment.

6. Product Designers

A large number of monotonous jobs have been automated since the technological takeover. However, the creative jobs require human touch for better productivity and out of the box ideas. The jobs of the product designers will remain stable they will become much more in demand to break the clutter in the product market.

The employers reveal that people with an amazing skill set will be increasingly in demand especially those belonging to the commercial and industrial field.

Since gadgets, appliances, cars, and manufacturing goods will continue to grow in the next 5 years, the demand for the product designers will be on the rise.

7. Human Resources and Organizational Trainers

While transformational changes in technological advancements have made several jobs to fade or disappear completely, some jobs require human presence as mandatory, and to fill that, companies require human resources that would find the right candidate for their company by custom filters and train the employees according to the company’s standards.

8. Regulatory and Government Relation Experts

The emerging trends require officials that are also well aware of the law and can implement new technologies by keeping in mind the government rules and regulations.

For example, automobile companies that embrace technological advancement of marketing driverless cars will consult the professionals that have an insight into the legal situation.

9. Personal Financial Advisors

The rise of money-minded people is giving a career boost to the financial advisors who are attributing a chief role in property growth and investment. Personal financial advisors will continue to grow in the next 5 years. The best thing about being

10. Medical Experts

Apart from the cosmetologists who will be enjoying a career boost, there will be a lot of demand for other medical experts in the upcoming years. Because of the technological advancements in the medical industry, the rise in medical assistance will continue to upsurge.

Specialists like Veterinary technologists and assistants will continue to prosper as they will become much more in demand.

Also, fitness trainers will enjoy a higher demand in the upcoming years. As physical diseases are on the rise, people are readily shifting towards a healthier lifestyle, and to keep up with modern life, fitness trainers are gaining more popularity over time.

Though technology has replaced human resource in numerous fields over the decades, there are certain areas where the expertise of human beings are required extensively.

However, Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” seems to fit our situation in the job market more than ever before. The individuals need to have the right blend of education and skill set that will make them acquire the job of their aspiration.

It is highly recommended to gain expertise in a field that has a higher career perspective. People are now focused on attaining diversified skills to get the added advantage of a better-paid job and for decreasing the rate of competitiveness.

Many employers claim to hire employees that have the digital knowledge and are adaptive to change because these are the two main ingredients for success.

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