The job market around the world is growing and specialization in certain fields has become increasingly evident. Developed countries may, at first, seem to be specializing in many of the same fields. Upon closer inspection, these countries actually have many differences to be proud of.

Here, we will be exploring just a few of the fastest growing careers in two of the world’s most rapidly advancing developed countries.

Jobs in the United States

Below you will find 10 of the fastest growing jobs in the United States of America accompanied by its short description, growth percentage, and average annual income as of December 2015.

1) Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind Turbine Service Technicians are in charge of installing, maintaining, and repairing wind turbines. This is the fastest of the growing careers in the United States at well over 100% growth. These technicians are growing as the US strives to create a sustainable renewable energy source.

Growth Percentage: 108%
Average Annual Income: $51,050 per year

2) Occupational Therapy Assistants

Occupational therapy assistants assist occupational therapists. These individuals may be in charge of setting up activities or rooms. They often assist the occupational therapist during activities in the event that the therapist needs additional support.

Growth Percentage: 43%
Average Annual Income: $57,870 per year

3) Physical Therapist Assistants

Like occupational therapy assistants, physical therapist assistants offer additional support to the physical therapist. This individual steps in when the physical therapist cannot be present so that patients continue their therapy as scheduled.

Growth Percentage: 41%
Average Annual Income: $55,170 per year

4). Physical Therapist Aides

As the title states, physical therapist aides are there to help and assist the physical therapist. Unlike physical therapist assistants that are actively working with the majority of patients, aides take care of the clerical demands at the physical therapist’s office. This would include answering phones, answering questions, attending to paperwork, and setting up offices for patients.

Growth Percentage: 39%
Average Annual Income: $25,120 per year

5) Home Health Aides

Home health aides come into patients’ homes to assist them with everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, using the restroom, bathing, and administering medications.

Growth Percentage: 38%
Average Annual Income: $21,920 per year

6) Commercial Divers

Commercial divers are responsible for repairing, welding, and maintaining fixtures that are located underwater. These individuals may also retrieve, search, and inspect structures, shipwrecks, and other items under the water.

Growth Percentage: 37%
Average Annual Income: $50,470 per year

7) Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners need a master’s degree in medicine to enter the field. They are often more specialized in their chosen field of nursing.

Growth Percentage: 35%
Average Annual Income: $98,190 per year

8) Physical Therapists

Physical therapists assist patients in regaining movement in areas of their body that may have been injured or weakened in a way that interferes with their quality of life.

Growth Percentage: 34%
Average Annual Income: $84,020 per year

9) Statisticians

Statisticians are responsible for collecting and analyzing data in an effort to make the world a better place. Often these areas of study include business, engineering, and health care.

Growth Percentage: 34%
Average Annual Income: $80,110 per year

10) Ambulance Drivers and Attendants

Ambulance drivers drive emergency vehicles to individuals that need immediate medical attention.

Growth Percentage: 33%
Average Annual Income: $23,740 per year

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Jobs in the UK

Below you will find a few of the best careers for the future of the UK. Unfortunately, average annual incomes may not be available for the jobs on this list.

1) Paramedics

These individuals represent one of the largest growing jobs in the UK. Paramedics deliver emergency medical attention to individuals before and while they are transferred to a hospital for further medical attention.

Growth: Approximately 100%

2) Psychologists

Psychologists help assess the mental state of patients. They offer treatments for mental illnesses, chaotic events, and troubling situations as determined on an individual basis.

Growth: Approximately 52%

3) Graphic Designers

Graphic designers create the images that companies and individuals use to represent themselves. The more creative or iconic a graphic designer can make an image, the more marketable it will be.

Growth: Approximately 47%

4) Secretaries

Secretaries complete all of the clerical work for a business or individual. This means that they answer phones, complete sign-in information for patients, and complete the necessary paperwork to ensure that a business runs smoothly.

Growth: Approximately 47%

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So What Do These Careers Tell Us About Each Nation?

The best careers for the future are different in each of these nations. While both developed nations are growing quickly, the values and needs of each are very different.

Even though the types of jobs that are growing in popularity vary, one thing is certain: the future of each nation looks bright and exciting.

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