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The idea of doing freelance work isn’t new. With an opportunity to make more money while having flexible working hours, it’s no wonder that more and more people give freelancing gigs during quarantine, a try. In 2019, the number of U.S. freelancers reached 57 million people

However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all people and businesses around the world. No one could have predicted that remote work would become a new normal in 2020. Since businesses have had to adapt to the change during quarantine, many people have lost their jobs which means the number of freelancers has grown.

How Quarantine Affects the Freelance Market

The quarantine for COVID-19 has a negative impact on the global economy. Today, 52% of people claim that their countries’ economies have declined substantially over the last four months, up from 10% in March. 

Here’s the impact of the COVID-19 on the freelance market:

  • Companies reduce pay Not all companies can survive during quarantine, so most of them make budgetary changes which mean they drop prices. Some companies have to pay less for freelance services to survive while other companies have to stop working with freelancers at all. All in all, companies don’t have much money these days. 
  • More people consider freelance work The quarantine shows that around ⅓ of the U.S. workers are able to work from home. In fact, 98% of surveyed employees want to have the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers. This means that more people may consider freelance work as an option to earn more money.
  • Freelancers lose their income  The COVID-19 negatively affects freelancers.  One report claims that 60.4% of freelancers have a decreased demand for their services during the quarantine. Why? Not only do companies have cut costs, but also other people have become freelancers which means companies can find other freelancers who can charge less money for their work. 

It’s no secret that freelance success depends on two major factors–the high demand for freelance services and low competition. Since the freelance market is getting more and more competitive, people have to seek out new alternative ways on how to get more freelance gigs during the quarantine. Here are some tips on how to do it.

How to Get Freelance Gigs During Quarantine

1. Use Advanced Plans on Freelance Service Marketplaces

As a freelancer, you must know about the power of freelance service marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, GigSmart. When businesses want to find freelance workers, they often use these freelancing platforms to check out hundreds of portfolios. All in all, these websites help both businesses and freelancers work together.

The easiest and the cheapest way for freelancers to start using these platforms is to sign up for a free plan. Since the freelance market is more competitive during quarantine, it’s a good idea to use advanced plans as you increase the number of bids and get access to employer followings. The result? You can get more freelance gigs.

2. Market Your Skills Online

Living in the digital era, when 4.13 billion people use the internet, marketing your freelance skills online is a must. If you want to acquire more clients and get freelance gigs, you need to spread the word about your skills on the web.

Here are the most effective channels to raise your personal brand awareness:

  • Professional website One of the best ways to market your skills online is to create and run a dedicated website for your freelance business. Not only does it help you look more professional and therefore convince more clients to choose you over other freelancers, but it also allows you to display your experience, services, and prices.
  • Social media platformsThe days when social media platforms were used only to get in touch with friends are far behind us. In the last few years, people have started using social media for talent acquisition, so telling about your freelance services is a great way to find more freelance gigs during the quarantine.
  • Guest posting If you want to reach more potential clients, you need to think outside the box. The solution? Consider niche websites for guest posting. When writing for other niche websites, not only can you showcase your expertise, but you can also find new potential clients who are interested in hiring you.
  • Google ads  Looking for freelancers to hire, people are more likely to use Google. If you want to grab the attention of potential clients and increase your chances to be hired, it’s a good idea to run Google ad campaigns that tell more about your services.

3. Lay a Bet on Networking

With a great variety of freelancers, people seek out recommendations from friends and family, so the positive word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing technique. When you keep in touch with other partners who can recommend your services, you make the most out of networking opportunities which means you get an opportunity to find more freelance gigs.

How does it work? For example, you’re a social media specialist who has many freelance clients. Once your clients want to upgrade their social media profiles with eye-catching professional images, you can tell them about a great graphic designer who also works freelance. If your clients are satisfied with your services, they are more likely to trust your recommendations. Later, this graphic designer can do the same when his or her clients are looking for more freelancers. 

To find more freelance gigs fast, you can reach out to your partners or other freelancers and offer them cross-promotion. And if you want to establish a connection with potential partners and convince them to collaborate with you, it’s a good idea to take the first step and help them find gigs when your clients ask you for recommendations.

4. Monitor Social Media Websites

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has always been an employment-oriented social network. With the popularity of social media usage, when 3.5 billion people use social media, it’s no wonder that other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok help freelancers get in touch with potential clients and find work from home jobs.

Today, each social media platform has a solid number of followers which means your clients can be active users who look for freelancers to hire on social media. Thus, it’s a good idea to turn your social media profiles into a professional portfolio that tells visitors about your freelance services. 

The number of professionally-oriented Facebook groups is growing as people love using social media to get in touch with other industry colleagues. Plus, the popularity of hashtags allows you to check out professional hashtags like #freelancejob or #freelancegigs to find relevant social media posts and connect with the right people fast. After all, you never know when and where you find a new freelance gig.

5. Reach Out to Potential Clients

Being proactive is one of the most important soft skills every freelancer can have. To stand out from the crowd of competitors and WOW your potential client, take the first step, and offer your freelance services. For example, you can browse the companies directory and find contact information about their employees and get in touch with HR specialists or business owners.

If you’re proactive, that’s great. But if you want to secure more freelance gigs, you need to hook the attention of potential clients. And the best way to do it is to help your potential clients bring their business to the next level with you.

Here are several ideas on how to grab their attention:

  • Do the research and know your potential client’s needs and wants in advance.
  • Show how you helped other businesses grow.
  • Offer a discount, free demo/trial.
  • Share client testimonials.

Cold pitching is hard, but it can give wonderful results when done right. If you reach out to potential clients, chances are that you can motivate businesses to shift from in-house employees to freelance workers and get more gigs.  

aspiring applicants shaking hands with potential clients

6. Become a Guest Webinar Speaker

People in quarantine are likely to invest time and effort into personal growth, so they seek out courses and webinars that can help them acquire new skills, gain knowledge, or master hard skills. All in all, the popularity of online courses and webinars has grown exponentially during quarantine. 

The good news is that you can make the most out of this trend and increase your personal brand awareness which also means get more clients in the future. How? Become a guest webinar speaker. When people sign up for webinars or courses, they are more likely to trust featured experts, so they can reach out to you with freelance projects if they need your services.

What is more, you can include information about your speaking experience on your website or portfolio to acquire more gigs. Speaker badges serve as a social proof that you’re a real expert in your niche and therefore people can trust you.

7. Give Something New a Try

If you have a freelance business, you must work within your area of expertise. However, not all freelance gigs must reflect your knowledge and experience. To get more freelance gigs, you need to stay creative and give something new a try.

Example? With the popularity of social media marketing, when companies of all sizes seek out new ways to grow their following fast, you can become a person who subscribes to business profiles and earn money. 

Here are some ideas on how to make money freelance with no skills or experience:

  • Write social media comments.
  • Type texts:.
  • Fill out surveys.

Today, freelancers can find a great number of gigs that can help them earn money and improve soft skills. The key to success is to be open to something new and check out all freelance gigs clients publish on marketplaces.

8. Ask Your Loyal Clients for Referrals

When done right, referral marketing can do wonders.  Obviously, if you know how to select the right clients, you’re more likely to get referrals without asking. But If you want to get more freelance gigs, it’s a great idea to ask your loyal clients for referrals. 

Offering something in exchange for referrals can also motivate clients to help you find more gigs. For example, you can offer a discount for both clients for your services if your existing customer brings in a new client for you. 

Here are some referral reward ideas for freelancers who want to get more freelance gigs with referrals:

  • Promo code.
  • Upgraded service.
  • Gift certificates.
  • Commission-based rewards.

The question is how to ask for referrals and get results? Since most clients are busy with the workload, you can send an email asking for referrals so that they can open and read your email once they have time. However, it’s a good idea to use a subject line tester to find the perfect subject line that grabs the attention of your clients and encourages them to open your email faster.

9. Improve Your Work Performance

One of the biggest challenges most freelancers face is the inability to stay productive while working remotely. However, improving your work performance is a must. The more productive you are, the more freelance work you can do in a day. As a result, the more freelance gigs you can get and therefore the more money you can make.

It’s no secret that work performance depends on several factors like knowledge, experience, skills, values, and motives. Not all of these factors can be controlled, but there are some actionable ways to improve your work performance.

First of all, pay close attention to your workplace organization, plan your workflow in advance, and eat healthy food that helps to keep a focus on tasks. Then, you can prioritize tasks and learn the art of delegating. Once you know how to get your work done fast, you can have time to get more freelance clients.

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The Bottom Line

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected workers all over the world. Since more and more people work remotely these days, the number of freelance workers is predicted to grow. For freelancers, this means working in a more competitive environment. Thus, it’s important to know how to find more freelance gigs during quarantine when businesses have limited budgets.

We hope that the above-mentioned ways can help your freelance business get more gigs and therefore grow your revenue even during the uncertain times.

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