Are you ready for the next big wave?

There are literally hundreds of waves all around us. Seriously, it’s true! Some are dormant. Some are active. Some at peaks and some at lows.

Find Your Wave!

Without getting too deep in the weeds of physics or philosophy, there are waves intertwined throughout our daily lives. Some waves that you can see and/or feel. Some waves may even pass right by you without any notice. From sound waves to business cycles. From the adoption curve to good vibrations. And with each wave, it has it’s own volume and height to be noticed or ignored completely.

Whether in business or in our personal lives there are waves that effect us everyday. To be ready for the next big wave, we need to understand the behavior of waves and their effect on us all. Allow me to explain further.

In the professional business world the most common wave is the business cycle. A business cycle fluctuates over time between highs and lows. At it’s most basic level, there is a ramp-up period, followed by growth, then maturation, and finally decline. The cycle thereafter repeats.

Of course, there are sub-phases in between that can be argued, but generally these are main stages of a business cycle. There is no set time frame for each point’s duration or the amount of time in between each point.

Each company or product will move through each phase at a different pace. And not all businesses or products are guaranteed to move from one point to the next point during the cycle either. Many businesses fail. We all know this. But what many forget, it is that there is some consistency within this cycle across businesses, organizations, products, and even within our own personal lives.

There is always a wave of events. The expression “things” come in waves has deep meaning in each of our lives. Waves either happen by our own exertion or through outside forces. Either way, our ability to anticipate and react to these waves will determine the future outcomes much more than allowing the wave to effect us.

Find Your Wave!

In our personal lives we encounter many waves. Ups and downs are apart of our everyday lives. But how we react to them is most important. So, how do we get through the tough times? How do we get through the trials and tribulations of life?

I could site a book or two of proven principals in business, faith, or ethics.

But I’d rather reference surfing. In surfing, one must paddle past the breakers to catch a wave. (Breakers are referred to waves that curl over and crash after reaching their peak). Surfers must paddle through numerous waves to get to a point where he/she can set themselves up to catch the perfect wave. Paddling through the Breakers can be daunting. Especially if the swell, (swell is a storm surge coming to shore) is rather large.

Big waves are fun, but only when a surfer is experienced and strong enough to get past the Breakers can one enjoy them. This is a lot like life.

On our way towards our goals, (big waves) we are knocked down by things, people, and even ourselves. These distractions are not permanent. They too come in waves. It takes practice getting through the small waves of disappointment or discouragement to get through the real tough waves of tragedy in our daily lives.

While being knocked down from small waves may discourage you in the beginning of your surf journey, they are preparing you for the large waves of possible disappointment ahead. It takes getting knocked down a few times to realize one’s self-worth. Remember, if it were that easy to accomplish, everybody would be flocking to the shore with boards hanging out of their cars on the weekend.

But it’s difficult.

It sometimes takes getting knocked down a few times to build up the endurance to reach our goals or big waves later in life. Because, even with being knocked down, the ability and the determination to get back on your board and paddle through the Breakers remains the best course of action in getting through any tough time.

Find Your Wave!

What is consistent is the wave itself. We need to be ready for each wave. Some people may duck them, while other choose to ride them. Most won’t even get in the water. Either way, prepare for your next wave. Get in the water and find your wave!

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As an Executive Talent Recruiter for Vistage International, I target CEOs, Executives and Business owners to become elite Executive Coaches to facilitate peer advisory boards in their local market. Before joining Vistage, I worked as a direct-hire recruiter sourcing and recruiting finance and accounting professionals within San Diego.

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