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Are you looking for tools that can help you create your resume for your next job? Then you are just a few minutes away from having the best resume. With the different professional templates that are ready to use, for sure, your resume will capture your next employer’s attention.

We have done our best in researching and compiling a list of 30+ resume builders in the marketplace. In this guide, we cover both free and paid resume builders, so you can pick and choose the right one based on your unique and specific needs. 

With these leading resume builders we have listed, your future will land on the right company, and your desired work will be yours. So, check it out!

The Ultimate List of 30+ Free and Paid Resume Builders (Updated Dec 2020)

  1. Kickresume
  2. Zety
  3. ResumeHelp
  4. NovoResume
  5. My Resume Format
  6. Hiration
  7. VisualCV
  8. ResumeLab
  9. Priwoo
  10. Enhancv
  11. ResumeDone
  12. Resume.io
  13. Cultivated Culture Resume Builder
  14. Resume Genius
  15. Resume.com
  16. My Perfect Resume
  17. CV Maker
  18. Cake Resume
  19. Resume Now
  20. Canva Resume Builder
  21. Indeed Resume Builder
  22. PathSource Mobile Resume Builder
  23. Got Resume Builder
  24. Resume Companion
  25. ResumeCompass
  26. LiveCareer Resume Builder
  27. Rezi
  28. ResumeCoach
  29. Resunate
  30. Resumonk

1. Kickresume 

Kickresume home page

This site is top-rated for giving the best cover letter templates along with resumes, with its excellent user interface. Kickresume offers 50 designer templates that can be given a personal touch to show your personality. More than 20,000 pre-written descriptive titles and phrases can be tailored to any of the 3,200 job titles.

Kickresume Key Features:

Kickresume allows you to download a free PDF file of your CV/Resume once. You can get free access to two premium templates, which have helped more than 60,000 job seekers get jobs. Kickresume is also connected to LinkedIn, which allows you to import your profile, creating an instant resume.

Kickresume Pricing:

Kickresume is arguably one of the best resume builders for free users. But if you want more, you can easily purchase a one-month premium subscription at just $8.00, which gives your access to more than 30 premium templates. 

This user-friendly resume builder optimizes your chance for up to a 60% probability of getting a job within a 25-day average timeframe. You should consider trying their interface to know the results.

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2. Zety

Zety home page

Zety is a user-friendly and easy-to-customize resume maker. You can choose and use different fonts, colors, and formats with its flexible text and format editor. You can change everything according to what you want. You can pick from a set of free templates available on your dashboard, including templates for a resume, a CV, and a cover letter. Ready-made contents, including job descriptions, a summary of job experiences, and other related information, are available for drag and drop.

Zety Key Features:

Zety templates are professional with various customization options. Writing your resume is also made quicker with its single-click feature for navigation and creation. Furthermore, you can upload your existing resume(s), so you can give it a makeover. Lastly, there are pre-made suggestions for your CV and cover letter, which are recommended by experts.

Zety Pricing:

Zety offers both free and premium services to its users.

The free version offers several customizations for you to use. Simultaneously, the premium monthly subscription, which costs $5.95, allows you to access all of Zety’s features, including its rich library of resources and customization tools. Before you purchase its premium membership, we suggest that you try its $2.99 option, which allows you two-week access to most of its premium features, including printing your document on either PDF, MS Word, or .doc file.

While it is more expensive than the others, this resume builder’s output is proven to be an attention grabber. The professional templates for CVs, resume, and cover letters are of high quality. We recommended it to be on your resume builder-list.

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3. ResumeHelp

ResumeHelp Home page

ResumeHelp is another resume builder that gives helpful tips to make your resume look professional. Their professionally-crafted 23 templates help job seekers use a wide range of ideas with options to customize fonts, colors, and content. The user-friendly site also allows you to upload your old resume for revamping.

ResumeHelp Key Features:

ResumeHelp allows its users to view their directory full of guides, interviews, networking, job search, and other manuals entirely for free. Furthermore, their directory enables its users to check on the specific title and industry-specific resume samples making resume building much easier. 

ResumeHelp Pricing:

ResumeHelp offers a $2.90 deal for its first two-week subscription. Its monthly subscription is at $7.90, which includes more than 20 premium templates. Their annual subscription costs $94.80.

ResumeHelp can be included in your list of resume builders. It does not only produce a professional-looking resume, but professional customer support is also a part of their offer. You can email, phone them, or chat with their CS representatives for queries, which is an excellent way to help job seekers get immediate assistance.

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4. Novoresume 

Novoresume home page

Create your professional resume and cover letter with Novoresume. Use their different creative, flexible, and easy-to-customize resume templates. Reviewed as one of the user-friendly CV builders, Novoresume uses simple yet awesome designs that get hiring companies’ attention.

Novoresume Key Features:

Novoresume provides guides and resource materials that allow users to polish their resumés for free. The site also offers free tools and professional templates that both free and premium users can utilize. What’s unique about Novoresume is that there is no auto-renewal, plus they are very transparent when it comes to their fees. Lastly, their freemium services are available for unlimited use.

Novoresume Pricing:

Novoresume has three payment options: 30 days, 3-months, and annual.

They cost $16, $29.99, and $89.99 respectively. It’s worth noting that accessing other premium services and creating another page will cost you extra.

Novoresume is popular for its professional features and simple designs. These features may increase your possibilities of getting hired. This is a highly-recommended resume builder site.

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5. My Resume Format

My Resume Format home page

Create your resume with free templates on MyResumeFormat.com. There are only three easy steps to follow. Pick your model, fill in the blanks, and download what you have created.

My Resume Format Key Features:

My Resume Format offers numerous free tools to its users, including downloadable products, unlimited resumes and CVs, and the ability to save and continue your work at a later date. 

My Resume Format Pricing:

My Resume Format has a 1-month premium subscription cost of $19.99. The premium feature unlocks numerous selection of formatted templates, which allows for tailored customization of resumes.

Easy and quick, MyResumeFormat is one of the best resume builders that produce good quality and catchy resumes. Probably this will fit job seekers who want to create a lot of resumes from the different templates it offers.

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6. Hiration 

Hiration home page

Hiration offers five easy steps in making a resume (hit create a new resume, choose your design, choose your target industry, read tips or skip it, and tailor your information). This resume offers industry-specific templates that are free and are customizable.

Hiration Key Features:

Hiration provides a drag-and-drop feature that makes it user-friendly and applicable for fresh job seekers. It has a unique option that allows users to download their resumes/CVs into PDF files for an unlimited amount. 

Hiration Pricing:

The application has both free and premium services. Most of their tools are easily accessed by free users, but some of the advanced customization tools and templates are only available for premium users, priced at $9 for 1-month.

This resume builder is one of a kind, as it allows unlimited free downloads of resumes in PDF files on the free version. It is actually interesting to use with its features and industry-specific templates.

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7. VisualCV 

VisualCV home page

This resume builder uses a dual window interface. It allows you to create or edit uploaded resumes. You can also use a single dashboard to design and produce multiple versions of your resume from the free version’s free templates.

VisualCV Key Features:

VisualCV allows its users to create and customize multiple resumes in just a few minutes. Users can also upload their resumes and CVs for revamped. Once you are done with your resume, you can easily share the resulting PDFs to your social media profiles directly from the website.

VisualCV Pricing:

VisualCV Pro plan costs $18 per month and offers more templates and customization for your resume.

VisualCV is a very customizable resume builder that uses resume analytics. Templates are editable for their font and colors. This resume maker is user-friendly, and beginners in resume-making may like it. 

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8. ResumeLab 

Labs Limited home page

Creating a personalized resume using ResumeLab is free. You just need to sign up using your Google account or Facebook account to continue making a simple yet powerful resume that makes you get your dream job.

ResumeLab Key Features:

ResumeLab has an option that allows users to create their cover letter and attached it to their resume — improving the cohesion between the two documents. The app also features 18+ CV templates, resume templates, and fonts to make your resume look more professional. Lastly, creating a resume is divided into three easy steps — saving you both time and energy. 

ResumeLab Pricing:

ResumeLab has a 1-month subscription plan priced at $1.20. Besides being cheap, beginners can also take full advantage of their guides and tips to create a professional-looking resume and cover letter.

 This user-friendly resume builder is recommended for first-time job seekers who wish to create a professional-looking resume quickly. 

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9. Priwoo 

Priwoo home page

To create an account for free with “Priwoo“, just sign up and follow the rules. It has no hidden charges. This is considered one of the best resume online builders for free quick, and easy resume building. Suggestions are provided while building your resume and CV letter, along with tips and tricks on how to optimize your resume. It has a hassle-free, simple, and clean dashboard with a text editor and a spell check function for grammar mistakes. You can download the resume in PDF file format. You do not need another software in creating your resume with them; all you need is an internet connection. No technical skills are required.

Priwoo Key Features:

Priwoo offers step-by-step instructions for beginners in creating their own resumes and cover letters. Priwoo also provides numerous resources and guides that its users can use for free. The app also has a huge library of premium templates to choose from.

Priwoo Pricing:

Priwoo has amazing freemium services, and its premium subscription gets even better. At just $5.95, users can access more than 0 professionally designed templates that are ready for use plus in-depth customization options: from fonts, colors, and designs.

This is highly recommended for job seekers looking for free resume builders, as it has free templates that look professional and are well-designed.

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10. Enhancv

Enhancv home page

Enhancv is a user-friendly resume builder that allows you to customize your resume. It uses analyzer tools that give tips on making the resume better.

Enhancv Key Features:

Enhancv is ATS-friendly and offers a content analyzer that gives tips and feedback on the created resume. Jobseekers can utilize these features to improve their chances of getting interviewed and hired. The app also has four unique layouts that you can use for your documents.

Enhancv Pricing: 

Enhancv has a 7-day trial period, and after that, users will have to pay a monthly fee of $19.99.

 Enhancv is one of the most popular resume builders. This site has been rated and reviewed for its high-quality features, implying that this resume builder may be effective in crafting good resumes. 

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11. ResumeDone 

Resume Done home page

A few minutes of your time, and you will have a perfect CVResumeDone offers access to its resume templates, including cover letters. Good thing, it has guidance notes to make it more professional and catchy. 

ResumeDone Key Features:

Guide notes are available throughout the resume/cover letter creation. This makes it easier for beginners to craft their personalized resume and add relevant information that might increase their chances of getting hired. Customization is made easier with its drag-and-drop option.

ResumeDone Pricing:

There are free templates that users can use, but if you want to look for more customization options, you can purchase the ResumeDone premium monthly subscription at $29.99.

Resume Done not only produce a professional-looking resume. It also allows users to customize their resumes to show their personalities. With its guide notes, this is perfect for beginners in creating a resume.

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12. Resume.io

Resume IO home page

Resumes from Resume IO are what the HRs are looking for. They have a user-friendly interface that you can use for only minutes to create a resume.

Resume.io Key Features:

Resume IO provides quality templates made by professional resume designers, which are also customizable depending on the user’s desires. Users can have access to free templates and cover letter designs. 

Resume.io Pricing:

Resume IO has both free and premium versions. The premium cost $24.95 with a money-back guarantee option giving you creativity and security in one. 

Resume.io is a money-back guarantee resume and cover letter producer. It is not only rusted and rated good but is also very easy and convenient to use.

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13. Cultivated Culture Resume Builder 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder home page

Use the right resume builder for your resume needs. Not only cultivate your personality with their templates. Show who you are and what you can do. With its free-easy to use templates, you will be able to land your desired job. Keep everything simple and professional with Cultivated Culture Resume Builder.

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Key Features:

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder is 100% free to use. Users can enjoy using more than 4 professional and simple design templates highly customizable (fonts, colors, sections, etc.). Moreover, the app has numerous resume building features, including guides and tips, as well as being Applicant Tracking System friendly.

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Pricing:

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder is entirely free with no hidden charges whatsoever. Create and save your resume into different file formats, including PDF, without spending a penny. If you want a simple yet professional-looking resume, then this app is for you.

This resume builder is right to use if you want a simple template that shows professionalism. Create the best catchy resume in minutes and enjoy employment forever. 

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14. Resume Genius

Resume Genius home page

Resume Genius is effortless to use. It only will take you 15 minutes to create a perfect resume. It will suit the professional qualifications of your next employer. Create a resume that looks modern and has creative styles. Fill in the blanks through the questions that already will identify your personality.

Resume Genius Key Features:

Resume Genius allows you to tailor your resume to the specific industry you apply for using its database, which has over 50 thousand job descriptions. Tips and guides are also available, plus you can add pre-written bulleted points as an easy option.

Resume Genius Pricing:

Resume Genius has free and premium versions. The former offers 5-6 free customizable templates. The premium version costs $39.95 and provides advanced customization options from fonts to scripts. 

Resume Genius is a helpful resume building tool that includes a lot of quality features. While it is true that you can only download one finished product, still the product is effective.

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15. Resume.com 

Resume.com home page

Resume.com offers well-designed templates that beat its competitors so easily. Customize the appearance of your resume. What you only need to do is to create an account and access its drag and drop tools. 

Resume.com Key Features:

The website app is completely free and has numerous features that can help new job seekers create personalized resumes. Resume.com offers a walkthrough guide to resume building and the ability to import your LinkedIn profile into your personal info. The app also allows you to save your resume into different file types, including PDFs, which you can share on your social media profiles.

Resume.com Pricing:

Resume.com is completely free.

This resume builder is one of the best free online user-friendly sites. It does not only create a stunning resume, but it creates a bigger opportunity for you to have a job. 

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16. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume home page

My Perfect Resume is fit for job seekers who are new to making resumes. You can just choose the templates and follow the guides to create a perfect resume. Make it perfectly easy and job-ready by using pre-written examples for comparison.

My Perfect Resume Key Features:

My Perfect Resume allows for more design options as it has a search, click, and drop feature plus the ability to add optional sections to show achievement and other skills. This app highlights the job seeker’s important skills to improve his/her chances of getting hired.

My Perfect Resume Pricing:

My Perfect Resume offers a premium plan at $24.95, giving users more templates and customization plus an unlimited download of a print-ready resume.

My Perfect Resume is ideal for job seekers and career shifters. It does not only show the skills but also your experiences. In this case, this is perfect to use to show what you can do.

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17. CV Maker

CV Maker home page

Many job seekers rated CV Maker as the quickest and easiest. This is best for job seekers who have a ready-to-fill in information on the resume template.

CV Maker Key Features:

Just like My Perfect Resume, CV Maker allows you to add custom sections to help you highlight not just your skills but other achievements like certificates as well. You can download your resumes directly into PDF and directly share them to your Facebook profile from the web build app. 

CV Maker Pricing:

CV Maker has a free version where you can access the 6 predefined basic templates. However, if you want to unlock more customization options and create multiple resumes and save them into PDF file format, you need to pay their monthly subscription that costs $16. 

CV Maker is the best resume builder if you are very into making your own resume content. You can customize your own resume with the use of the templates available. Job seekers will be able to create a resume that can highlight their own personalities in their own way.

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18. Cake Resume

Cake Resume home page

Get your sweet spot on the company you desire. The first thing to do is create a profile that you can use to create a resume with the drag and drop feature using Cake resume.

Cake Resume Key Features:

Cake Resume allows its users to add customize domain names in their resumes and track their progress using Google Analytics. Furthermore, the website offers 24/7 customer support and professional help to build their resumes and cover letter.

Cake Resume Pricing:

Cake Resume has 3 user plans: Free, Advanced, and Pro. The Advanced plan gives its users 20+ premium resume snippets, an unlimited number of resumes, and the ability to remove the Cake Resume label in your resume. The Pro version gives its users the ability to track their resume via Google Analytics.

Cake resume allows job seekers to download free PDF files of their resume. You can customize the creation of a resume. This resume builder allows users to use a lot of its features in its free version.

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19. Resume-Now

Resume Now home page

Resume-Now is like filling a form. Fill-in-the-blanks is its forte. This creates a more specific resume that can show employers the way you want to present yourself. Aside from this, there is pre-made content yet very professional.

Resume-Now Key Features:

Resume Now helps you build your resume using their recruiter approved templates plus pre-written text examples for your industry. They also enable you to search for jobs that match your specific skills and experience. 

Resume-Now Pricing:

Resume Now has a monthly fee of $10.45. 

You can format your resume with your own content. Resume Now is very customizable but is very professional. Now is the time to make your resume. This resume builder is just right for job seekers.

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20. Canva Resume Builder

Canva Resume Builder

Canva Resume Builder is best for aesthetic needs. It is creative, effective, and professional. Get a unique resume that will surely catch the eyes of your next employer. Canva is for job seekers with hobbies in writing, photography, and design. And, also with people who want a very simple but pleasing to the eye resume.

Canva Resume Builder Key Features:

Canva Resume Builder provides a myriad of templates and layouts for creating a resume. Even its free version allows you to use and customize hundreds of cover letters and resume templates. What makes Canva Resume Builder unique is the ability to add animated graphics in the resume on top of its wide array of customization perks. 

Canva Resume Builder Pricing:

Canva Resume Builder has a monthly premium option of $12.95. This version allows you to further boost your customization by downloading various scripts, photos, and animated designs for your resumes and cover letters.

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21. Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed’s free resume builder is very different from the other one listed here. It is very specific with the job search that you are about to create a resume. In simpler terms, it creates a fully functional document that complements the job.

Indeed’s Resume Builder Key Features:

Indeed Resume Builder is a free resume builder site that is ATS friendly and has guides and tips for resume building. Furthermore, you can get a shareable link to your resume and make it public so employers can see or access your resume easily. Lastly, you can save your resume into different file formats, including PDFs.

Indeed’s Resume Builder Pricing:

Indeed Resume Builder is completely free to use. 

Canva has freemium resume templates that offer a variety of options. This resume builder will make you the best resume you will want. And Canva assures that your resume will be unique among the rest.

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22. PathSource Mobile Resume Builder

Path Source home page

Using Path Source Mobile Resume Builder, 10 minutes is all you need to create the most professional resume. With its easy interface, you can make your resume anywhere and anytime. The mobile application is android and IOS ready.

Path Source Mobile Resume Builder Key Features:

Build your resume using your mobile device with the use of PathSource Mobile Resume Builder. This mobile app allows you to get tips and sample resumes to build your own personalized resume on your smartphone. Plus, it has a built-in feature where it guides you through the resume-building process and provides tips on where you can submit your resumes. 

Path Source Mobile Resume Builder  Pricing:

PathSource Mobile Resume Builder has a monthly subscription of $7.99. There are more than 20 highly customizable resume templates, depending on your needs.

Path Sources does not only give tips and guides in making a resume. It also gives guides and tips where you can send your resume. Its tools will allow users to customize fonts, colors, and other needed adjustments. This is just right to use for job seekers who wish to have a customized resume with a professional touch.

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23. Got Resume Builder 

Got Resume Builder home page

GotResumeBuilder allows you to build your resume in 3 easy steps. What you need is to create your account and be guided with the step by step writing guide. Then, choose your design and customize your resume. Last is to download your finished resume in PDF or Word docs file.

GotResumeBuilder Key Features:

GotResumeBuilder makes resume writing so much easy with its assisted resume writing feature. Users can also maximize their hiring rate by creating multiple resumes tailored for specific industries. This is made possible with their fully functional customization tools. You can get a shareable link for your 

GotResumeBuilder Pricing:

GotResumeBuilder has a monthly subscription fee of $5.98. All of its features are made readily available for you, including assisted resume writing, unlimited downloads, multiple resumes, and download to multiple file types. It’s worth mentioning that the subscription fee isn’t shown until you download your resume.

Though you can already create a resume from its free version, the full access needs payment. It is good that you can create your resume and download it in any format. This might be a good resume builder. Perfect for those job seekers who wish to send their resume directly to their next employer.

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24. Resume Companion

Resume Companion

Resume Companion boasts a resume builder that can help you finish your resume from scratch to product in under 15 minutes. They offer a user-friendly interface where you just have to point, click, and then create. The website’s goal is to assist students and fresh graduates looking for immediate work and have a fresh and professional-looking resume without the hassle of figuring out how to build one.

Resume Companion Key Features:

Resume Companion offers customizable resume templates on top of their cover letter generator, to which the user can also customize based on the industry he is applying for. Resume Companion also allows users to build multiple resumes using its HR-approved resume templates and built-in Spell Checker.

Resume Companion  Pricing:

Resume Companion has 14-day full access that costs $1.95 and a monthly premium plan that costs $7.95. The premium plan allows users to get interviews and resource tools (Job Search, Interview Tips) and social media sharing options.

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25. ResumeCompass

ResumeCompass Resume Builder

Ryan Bucci founded ResumeCompass to help job seekers (both experienced and new) get through the hiring process using professional-looking and tailored resumes. ResumeCompass is new but offers numerous new features that cannot be found from other resume builders.

ResumeCompass Key Features:

ResumeCompass has a long list of features, including resume feedback, keyword optimization, ATS friendly, and even LinkedIn redesign recommendations from their experts. Their services’ main highlight is getting expert help and suggestions from professional resume writers (after finishing your cover letter and resume).

ResumeCompass Pricing:

ResumeCompass’s pricing is divided into four categories: free, starter, professional, and expert. They cost $139, $199, and $299 respectively. However, it should be noted that all their premium charges are one-time payment only, which means that there will be no recurring payments (unlike those subscription-based plans). There’s also a subscription plan recently launched for consumers at $4.99 per month.

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26. LiveCareer Resume Builder

LiveCareer Resume Builder

LiveCareer Resume Builder is one of the most convenient resume builders in the market due to its user-friendly interface making editing or building resumes extremely easy. The app assists when it comes to writing resumes and cover letters.

LiveCareer Resume Builder Key Features:

There are four distinct features of LiveCareer Resume Builder: 1). Resources (Tips, advice, how-tos all created to help you navigate every facet of the job search). 2). More than 1,000 resume examples to get inspiration from. 3). Expert feedback for your resume. 4). Have a professional writer write your resume for you. 

LiveCareer Resume Builder  Pricing:

The beauty of LiveCareer Resume Builder is that its first two features are completely free. As for getting expert feedback and advice on your resume, the service costs $29.95 (currently on a discounted deal at $19.95).  As for hiring a professional writer for your resume, there are four pricing categories: Entry, Professional, Executive, and a separate Cover letter price. They cost $99, $199, $299 and $60 respectively

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27. Rezi

Rezi Homepage

Rezi optimizes your resumes based on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) keywords, built-in real-time content analysis, and its unique feature called Rezi Score Tool. Whether you want to build a new or optimize your existing resume, you should seriously consider the Rezi resume builder.

Rezi Key Features:

Rezi provides a unique resume-building experience with the use of its Rezi Score Tool. This does because it considers the amount of resume content, compares it to a target, and translates the difference into an index measured from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more optimized your resume is for a specific targetted industry.

Rezi also has an ATS keyword targetting feature where the software basically tells you the missing skills and keywords in your resume that the applicant tracking systems (ATS) software is searching for.

Rezi Pricing:

Rezi has three pricing options: Basic, Plus, and Pro versions ($3, $9, and $39, respectively). The basic plan would allow you to download your resume in any format and export it on your Google Drive. The plus version allows you to created unlimited resumes and cover letters. The Pro plan provides you with Content Analysis and AI Keyword targetting features. 

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28. ResumeCoach Resume Builder

ResumeCoach Resume Builder

ResumeCoach Resume Builder allows users to create beautiful resumes and cover letters using their free and premium templates. Users are guided through the resume-building process divided into three steps: Template Selection, Resume Creation, and File Download.

ResumeCoach Resume Builder Key Features:

ResumeCoach Resume Builder provides all the necessary features to build your resume: professional templates, step-by-step coaching, resume examples, and resume formatting. Users can also customize their resume based on three specific resume formats: Chronological resume, Skills-based resume, and Combination resume. 

ResumeCoach Resume Builder Pricing:

ResumeCoach Resume Builder has a 14-day unlimited plan of $1.95. After that, their monthly subscription plan costs $29.95. 

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29. Resunate

Resunate home page

Resunate removes the hassle of creating resumes from scratch by using their advanced semantic matching technology. This is one of the few resume builders that help students create resumes from scratch using Resunate’s school templates. 

Resunate Key Features:

Resunate uses advanced semantic matching technology to create a specific score on your resume. By editing (adding or removing) information, the system will generate a resume rating in real-time. Resunate also has an “Auto Focus” feature, which basically aids resume builders build their resume by rearranging specific data and information based on a specific job to maximize interview chances.

Resunate Pricing:

Resunate has three pricing plans: $49.95/month, $99.95/3months, and $149.95/6months. All pricing plans unlock Resunate’s full premium features, including Unlimited Resumes, Unlimited Resume Scoring, and Unlimited Auto Focusing.

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30. Resumonk

Resumonk homepage

Resumonk provides multiple features while maintaining an easy-to-use interface. One of this resume builder’s handy functionalities is the ability to track the number of engagements of your CV. This allows you to modify your existing resumes and cover letters to improve your chances of landing those interviews.

Resumonk Key Features:

Resumonk provides a user-friendly interface to help aspiring applicants build their ideal CV for their specific industry. There are over 20 premium resumes and CV templates that can be optimized further using 10 additional fonts and unlimited color options. What sets Resumonk apart from most resume builders is its convenience when creating resumes and cover letters.

Resumonk allows you to import existing resumes and cover letters, making it easier for you to tailor your profiles for the specific industry you are applying for. Resumonk also has an AI that helps you input specific information that most HRs are looking for. Overall, Resumonk has all the essential tools to help you create a detailed and professional-looking CV.

Resumonk Pricing:

Resumonk has three pricing plans: Free, Premium, and Forever Plans. Premium Plan costs $29/ year, while Forever Plan is a one-time payment of $99 that would allow you to utilize all of their services indefinitely. Both Premium and Forever Plans unlocks Resumonk’s premium features, including 10 additional fonts, unlimited color options, and Data Analytics (to track the number of views your CV has received).

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Creating resumes, CVs, cover letters, and other job application documents has never been easy with these resume builders. However, your resume may not always be effective in landing you an interview or a job. Many companies are using the Applicant Tracking System to pick the best resumes and shortlist candidates according to their resumes. 

A resume is like a ticket to your dream job, so create the most effective one. An effective resume should highlight your top skills and show the best aspects of your personality. 

Here at CareerMetis.com, we make it even easier for job seekers to create their desired resume. We have listed numerous free and paid resume builders on our site that showcase your best side to your future employers. 

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