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Freelancers are increasing in number these days. A freelancer is a person that solely works according to their schedule and type of work they choose. Most of the people choose this field to not to feel any pressure from their superiors and work what they’re good at.

According to a report by Upwork almost 57.8 million Americans choose freelancing for their living which is one-third of the total labour force.

Running a business as a freelancer is never easy. You have to wear different caps including management and hiring skills as well. Not to worry, there are hundreds of tools available online to grow your business gradually with time.

Here are 8 different tools that can be used for all aspects of your freelancing career. These free tools can be used by freelancers to grow their businesses.

1. Calendly for Scheduling Activities

One of the things that most people will relate is that every day is different with different activities and if you are a person that hates to stick to a routine, you often find difficulties tracking all the deadlines and appointments and often create a mess with the increasing difficulty level. Calendly is here to help you.

Calendly Scheduling Software-Tools for Freelancers

This tool makes it easy for you to schedule your upcoming meetings according to your availability. Calendly allows users to make scheduled meetings one on one or group meetings, incorporating with Outlook, Office 365, Google calendar and so many others.

Furthermore, freelancers often face problems when encountering clients with different time zone, Calendly automatically knobs time zone detection, which will help you make a timetable of meetings with clients in other countries with no trace of mistake. 

2. Dropbox for Cloud Storage

Storing information and removing the fear of losing it is very crucial when it comes to freelancing. There are many cases where desktops and smartphones face technical issues and due to the issues, you have to lose your valuable information. Removing these cloud storage is the best and secure option. Dropbox is one cloud storage software acquired by many people to store data online. This tool helps you store files by making folders and partition.

Dropbox-Tools for Freelancers

You can do a lot of activities using this like you can share files, folders with your colleagues or clients, and store a set limit of storage. The basic storage space that this software allows is enough, but if you need more space you can increase it by inviting people, installing it on other devices. You can purchase storage as well and get extra space according to your needs and preference.

This tool is available on both smartphones and desktops. You can install it on your computer and it will automatically sync your online files and allow you to access them from your computer.

3. Pre Post SEO for Checking Grammar Checker and Plagiarism

Most of the freelancers encounter clients from different regions and countries and the common language is English. If you are not a native English speaker then you might face difficulty communicating with people and might commit mistakes that leave a bad impression of yours in front of your client.

To remove any error that occurs in your text can be removed easily and quickly by using a tool that automatically checks your text and comes up with mistakes that occurred in the text. All you have to do is before sending just copy and paste your text into this tool and it will check grammar and show you if you committed any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and bad sentence structure.

Pre Post SEO

Not only mistakes in communication, but also if you are a writer, blogger, or anything related you should consider this tool as your personal proofreader to trace out possible mistakes to make the text look perfect. This tool is free for use and there is no such limit, any user can use these services anytime without paying anything.

In the online and offline world, plagiarism is a serious offence. If you are a writer, blogger, webmaster, or running a business that involves text content, plagiarism can make your earnings vulnerable. Removing plagiarism from your text is crucially important when you want to make things look perfect.

Plagiarism can damage your portfolio, even sometimes unintentional plagiarism occurs which can happen because of the amount of data available. Removing plagiarism is important, even if you haven’t done it intentionally.

If you are a freelance writer then you have to provide plagiarism free content every time to your clients otherwise you won’t even get paid. For instance, if you are running a blog and want someone to write content for you and you want to check if the recruited person doesn’t copy someone else’s content, you can check the text easily by using a tool called plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism checker tools scan and check through millions of websites and come up with matching results in seconds. Plagiarism checkers are widely available, some are paid and some are free to use like Pre Post SEO and Grammarly.

Pre Post SEO is totally free and Grammarly is paid and charges users on a monthly and yearly basis. You can choose either of the tools as there is no such difference between their checking.

4. Bonsai for Contracting and Legal Paperwork

Another mistake that most of the new freelancers do is that they work with people they don’t know personally without a set of agreements and contracts. Contracts don’t just make you look professional but also decrease the risk of getting scammed and ensure that you get paid fairly without any issue. Writing and coming up with a contract manually is time-consuming and you might miss some aspects that were needed to be discussed. Bonsai is one of the best contract creation software that helps freelancers to create, revise the contract, and sign them when the clients are ready.

Bonsai Freelancer Software-Tools for Freelancers

This software provides tools that you can use by just adding details in the blank spaces.

Moreover, the plus point is that this tool also offers invoicing software that is integrated with PayPal and Stripe. This tool allows the freelancer to get paid using Automated Clearing Houses (ACH) which is quite uncommon with the other similar invoicing software. Getting paid from ACH can result in lower fees when receiving payments.

5. InVision for Designing

Many freelancers even if they don’t have any forte in graphic designing have to get into it. Luckily, due to available graphic designing software and tools that make it easier to create visual content for clients. However, there are plenty of tools available online but if you are looking for the best one, InVision is surely the best choice.

InVision Designing Software-Tools for Freelancers

InVision in simple words is a tool that helps you edit your own designs by using the tools it provides. The tools can help you edit your design by adding animation, transitions, effects, and gestures.

Few InVision features:

  •  Allow users to sync photos and designs with Sketch documents and Photoshop.
  • Fit in with other freelance tools like Trello, Dropbox, Slack, and others.
  • A freehand system where teams can participate together by sketching and presenting designs online.

6. PayPal for Finance Management

When you are a freelancer you are liberal and have to adjust and manage your finance on your own. You have to receive, send payments, and need to stay in control. Most of the freelancer face payment issues like getting late payments, high cost for bank transfers, and similar problems. PayPal is one of the top finance tools that are available in 200+ countries and supports 25 types of currency including dollars, dinars, etc.


PayPal without any argument is the most convenient method to get paid as a freelancer, especially when you are receiving money from people from other countries.

PayPal is not just convenient, but also a secure platform. Using other platforms might get you in trouble. Most of the expert freelancers and merchants trust PayPal for their payments.

If you don’t have a good experience with PayPal, Gusto is one another account management software that can help you stay updated about your transactions and other practices.

Many of the freelancers choose the S-Corp strategy for their business to save themselves from taxes. While using PayPal can help you save money, otherwise, it can be problematic in terms of payroll.

7. Trello for Project Management

Keeping every things record and following upcoming projects is necessary. Managing projects require skills and time if done manually without the use of platforms. You can alternatively use Platforms like Trello to do this for you. Trello is a project management tool that is not just developed to manage projects but also well designed and visually looks awesome.

Trello Collaboration Software-Tools for Freelancers

In Trello, you can do a lot of stuff like you can create boards, add cards to represent specific tasks, and assign hired people or see what you are assigned. Trello is flexible and can be used for anything, even for personal and business projects.

For instance, if your work includes social media marketing then this means you have other team members with other activities to do like designing and other tasks. Using Trello will help you out by differentiating each member with their specific tasks so you can keep a check on them easily.

8. 1Password for Password management

Many of the times you have to make up new emails or sign up to a new website with a different passcode but what happens is that you might not remember those passcodes after not using them for a time and this might cost you loss of data and information of clients and other related information.

As a freelancer, there are multiple sites and accounts that a person needs to manage and keep a track of. Remembering different passwords can be difficult. 1Password makes it easier and provide a database for this kind of information, this software securely store all of your details while creating a list which you can use to refer each password for each site.

1Password Software

This tool automatically saves passwords when you create or sign-up to a new e-mail or register a website so that you never forget any of the passwords. You can use the extension of this software in your browser.

9. Proposify for Proposals

In your dream to become successful in your freelance career, you need to enhance business development to your everyday activities.

It is not enough to solely look for opportunities through job boards, as there is a high intensity of competition and low pay. These boards are good enough to build your portfolio when you are new but when you gained enough experience you don’t have to work for a low pay board.

Proposify Software

Proposify is a proposal generating software that can help you create enchanting proposals in half time than normal, by offering a variety of beautiful templates that look more professional and enthralling. This tool allows you to control typography, layout, and help you to add snippets. You can save these for future use too.

Furthermore, you can add images, videos in your bids to make it more appealing and professional. Additionally, this tool gives you feedback about your proposal by looking at it as another person’s perspective and tell you whether they’ll accept it or not.

10. SmarterQueue for Social Media Management

If your work involves social media management then you will definitely need this tool for your assistance.

SmarterQueue is a powerful tool that can help you in many different ways regarding social media management across different social media platforms and pages.

SmarterQueue Software

SmarterQueue tools help by scheduling posts for you, even if you are unable to post stuff on some specific day you can use the option of rotating content library, organized by subject type. Using this option can help you reuse your evergreen content again throughout the period.

This tool can increase your engagements and let you simplify your social media working. Posting stuff automatically can increase impressions with less effort.


Scaling and growing your freelance career or business can be tough sometimes but using the above-mentioned tools can help you ease the burden over your shoulders. This article covers almost every possible need that a freelancer might have.

Use these tools and climb the stairs to success in no time. Most of the tools and software mentioned above are free and some of them are paid with free trial versions. Give them a try! Good luck.


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