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How Can Freelance Writers Build a Strong Reputation? | CareerMetis.com

Your reputation is the most valuable thing in your freelance career. It gives you an enhanced platform to run your freelance business, take more challenging tasks, and get better-paying orders.

For a brand new freelancer, building a reputation is the first and the most important task to accomplish. It is not enough to complete a couple of orders and wait for the stories of your talent and mastery to spread.

You need to use any possibility to promote yourself. Taking the most complicated orders and joining the most promising campaigns for free, you invest in your future.

Why reputation is so important?

The clients do not have time for interviews; they usually want quick and high-quality results. This desire leads them to choose freelance employees only by browsing through their profiles. They give preference to the freelancers who have already demonstrated their creativity, professionalism, and results that deserve admiration.

Building a perfect reputation is a time-consuming process. As you develop professionally, your reputation can also change. Inexperienced writers usually take many orders, while professionals save their time and efforts only for the most interesting ones. Thus, as you just start your career as a freelancer, you need to get ready to work hard.

There are many resources that will help you to get started on the right foot fast and effective ways of reaching success. Some options include blogging and guest writing, direct communication with editors and publishers. Also in order to achieve success in your field – you need to have the golden trio:

  • persistency,
  • constituency,
  • and confidence.

As a writer, you need to remember that this is a highly-competitive field and there is no place for mediocre results. You should always do the best you can and improve your work daily.

Build your credibility

Freelance success starts with credibility. You cannot expect orders until people start to believe that they can rely on you. To persuade your potential clients to cooperate with you, you need to build your credibility step by step.

Many beginner writers have nothing except for the desire to write. They do not know where to start and how to attract clients. You need to develop a strategy that will enhance your credibility and reputation daily. You need to be patient and dedicated to achieving the results that you want.

First, you need to create a portfolio that will speak for itself. If you have no orders at all, add to your portfolio – your personal notes and pieces of writing. It will create an avenue for attracting clients. There are three basic ideas that will help you at this stage.

1) Look for clients, not for money

The money will come with experience. Initially, your main responsibility is to take more orders and write to build credibility and fill your portfolio. Of course, it is better to cooperate with reliable clients who will be grateful for your job and at least start to recommend you to other people.

2) Ask for opportunities

In your freelance writing career, never rely upon chance. If you want to become a professional, you need to find ways to enhance your reputation. Notify everyone that you are ready to write for them even as for free. Ask your friends, perhaps they need someone who will create interesting content for their business.

3) Start small

Every writer dreams about writing for high profile companies and publishers. This is a great dream, but as a beginner, you need to set smaller goals.

For example, start writing essays if you are good at academic writing or take editing and proofreading orders if you feel that this niche can help in your development.

Join freelance websites

If you are unsure where to find clients, you can search for special websites that promote freelance opportunities for writers. Here, you will encounter thousands of orders with varying levels of difficulty: reviews, essays, guest blogging, article writing, etc. Of course, the competition on these websites is usually higher; and you will need to act quickly to get the order before your competition does.

But before you start to place bids for orders, you need to work on your profile and portfolio. Previously, we mentioned how to get materials for your portfolio. Now, we are talking about the additional information that you need to include.

Describe your skills in detail. Perhaps, you are good at economics and marketing and can take jobs in those fields. If you speak a foreign language, add this information to your profile. Also, indicate any particular skills like knowledge of Java Scripts, Adobe Photoshop, simultaneous translation, proofreading, etc.

Build relations with your clients

Good relations with your clients is an important way to build your reputation. If you miss deadlines, provide low-quality work, or ignore your clients when they ask you some questions, you cannot expect long-term cooperation from them. Moreover, they will never come back to you to order a new piece of writing. You should always be responsible to customers.

There are several things that will help you build a strong reputation:

  1. Dedication
  2. Responsibility
  3. Self-improvement
  4. Producing the best work
  5. Developing writing skill

When your clients notice that you are dedicated and responsible (you never miss deadlines, inform them before you go to vacations, and discuss with them ideas on improving their business), they want you to become part of their team.

If they see that you work on your self-improvement, constantly learning new fields and spheres, and constantly mastering your writing skills, they will ask you to cooperate with them over and over again. And if you provide them with high-quality texts that show their effectiveness, you get a client who will stay with you for a long time.

Of course, reputation is never built in a few days. You need to have the mindset that this may take a few months (or even years).

Use this time to make your work better: try every method that can enhance your writing and turn you into a professional freelance writer.

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