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If you haven’t looked for a job in years, you might find that your experience alone isn’t enough to carry you to your next role. Especially if you’re looking to move into another career entirely. But that doesn’t mean your skills and your personality traits aren’t enough.

Rather, it’s all about how you best display them and get people to take notice of them. To that end, we’re going to look at how to make yourself much more attractive than the fresh-faced graduates you’re up against.

1. Send out a search party

We are indeed talking about a party, not just searching yourself. A high portion of jobs aren’t going to be mentioned in advertisements or listings at all. If you have your sights set on a career, then you need to have the broadest scope possible.

The network of contacts you’ve made needs to be expanded. Besides past employers as references and getting in touch with old colleagues or business partners, you need to attend networking events, get online with social media and use the recruitment agency specific to the skills you have to offer.

Don’t just rely on your own time to find the occasional job that jumps out from a listing. Get everyone you can looking on your behalf and keep an open ear for opportunity.

2. The art of the resume

If it’s been awhile since you’ve done your CV, then you likely have a lot of updating to do. However, passing out one CV to every employer isn’t likely to help you pass the scan test. For one, you need to think about how you format the CV in general.

Make sure it has readable sections separated to make sense, from a lead paragraph that brands the overall package to the individual sections where they can find the details they need to cross-reference. If you really want to get more attention for your CV, then you need to specialize it a little more, too.

Do your research. Look at what they refer to in any listings they have, and what they say their company culture is. Highlight the skills and the aspects of your personality that bear the most relevance to what the employer is looking for.

3. Master the interview

When you get to interviewing, it’s about more than just giving them a refresher on skills. For one, it’s your opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Think of a few stories or experiences that highlight certain appeals of yours and bring up those stories when the appropriate questions pop up.

This is also when you have the best chance to show professionalism and confidence in your skills that will impress an employer.

Getting relaxed, having good body language and a few rehearsed (but not fully memorized) answers can stop you from looking like a nervous wreck in there. It’s a great idea to wake up good and early on the day of the interview, so you’re not rushed and not feeling that rush when you sit down with your prospective employer.

Professionalism, an attention to detail and proactivity are the traits that businesses are looking for alongside any skills you have to offer. The application and interview process is the perfect time to put those on display with the tips above. Good luck out there.

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