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When you were at university or college, you were promised the world. You were told that if you got certain qualifications, you could be whatever you wanted to be and succeed in life. Then you got into the workforce and discovered that this isn’t how it works.

Instead, you met a bunch of people who were all pursuing their selfish ends, be it profit, prestige or power.

Nobody told you when you were young that this was how it would turn out, and so nobody prepared you for the sorts of things that people do in pursuit of their own success. Nobody informed you that sometimes people will try to screw you over and that they rarely have your best interests at heart.

Here are some ways inexperienced people can get screwed over when they join the workforce.

1. You Could Get Screwed Out Of Money

People who are new to the job market often take their boss’s word as given. And so when their boss says that they can have a raise after six months, they believe them.

Take the case of Susan Johnson, a contributor to blog sites like The Muse. She started work at a taco stand and was promised by her boss that if she stuck around, she’d get a raise. The problem was that she never got the agreement in writing and it soon dawned on her that her boss had only promised a raise to get her to stick around. She was never going to give it to her.

Johnson took another summer job the following year. She decided not to make the same mistake as last time and get a raise in writing. However, her new boss behaved differently. Instead of negotiating a raise with her upfront, he slipped in a small pay rise into her paycheck. That might sound like a good thing, but the purpose of the raise was to disarm her and put her off negotiating a higher salary.

2. You Could Get Forced To Work Evenings And Weekend

Some jobs demand that people work evening and weekends. It’s part of the culture, and it means that you never get any downtime. You’re running around like a headless chicken on Friday and Saturday night, and then you’re expected to come back into the office fresh on a Monday morning.

If your contract doesn’t specify that you have to work evenings and weekends, it might be worth consulting with an employment law attorney. If you’re not adequately compensated for the work you’re doing, it may be worth talking to a professional.

Otherwise, Johnson recommends that people put in the hours during the week so that their bosses can’t complain when they turn down work at the weekend because they want to spend time with their families. Your eagerness to impress your boss shouldn’t take away from your desire to have a life outside of work.

3. You Could Get Screwed By Lack Of Feedback

Finally, your boss could be passively screwing you over by not providing adequate feedback. It’s essential that you know how to improve your skills if you’re going to progress in your career. If you don’t have performance reviews, you won’t become more valuable, and your pay won’t go up.

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