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 9 Habits Of Every Successful Recruiter That You Should Follow | CareerMetis.com

It is not that easy to wear a recruiter’s hat and choose the perfect candidate for any business.

A company’s growth solely depends on its employees. And it’s the responsibility of the HR team to recruit the finest employees for the company.

You will receive not just hundreds, but thousands of applications of aspiring candidates. And choosing the one best name among so many options is rather a difficult task to follow.

It takes a lot of dedication and care to become the perfect successful recruiter. And there are nine amazing habits, which every recruiter must follow to reach the pinnacle of success.

1) Always be Responsive

It is the duty of a recruiter to be always responsive and open to candidates easily. Remember that some candidates are freshers or new graduates, and they are quite afraid of facing a recruitment team. So, unless you have a friendly approach towards the candidates, you won’t be able to know about them.

And if you fail to judge the candidate well, then that can cost you some serious trouble later. So, it is mandatory for a good recruiter to be open and share some thoughts in the most promising manner.

2) Paying Attention to the Aspirant’s Needs

You might be working for a company, but a good recruiter will always pay heed to the job seeker’s needs, as well. For any of your recruiting and marketing efforts, you can always choose to work with the candidates and learn more about their requirements.

You have to identify the psychology of aspirants, even if that calls for a focus on their needs. So, it forms an important part of a recruitment procedure.

3) Going for The Personal Touch

To make your recruitment process a bit different from others, you have to try adding some personal touches to the entire process. Most of the time, recruiters judge the candidate through clothes, appearance and even a communicative manner. But, you have to think beyond that.

A candidate might be scared of your presence, and that won’t help him to show his real self, which is necessary for a recruiter. So, you can try to be friendly and add some personal touches to your whole process, to break the ice.

4) Work Professionally

There are many times when you might come across a candidate who is your old friend. But, that does not give you the right to provide him or her with extra privilege. It is mandatory for you to work professionally towards any font, and you can show your friendship outside your work.

There might be some other candidates, better than your friend. So, providing illegal help won’t do you good, and you might lose respect from other probable candidates. 

5) Available on Call

There are many times, when a candidate might have to go for direct communication with a recruiter over the phone, to know more about the job profile.

So, a reliable expert should always be available on call. You can easily mark an official time, and within that period, you are always asked to take up calls and provide promising answers to queries.

6) Be Respectful

The candidates might be fresher for the job, but they are educated and talented. They have the required qualification, otherwise; they might not have come for the interview. So, you have to show your side of respectful behavior, while interacting with them.

No matter how young or old they are compared to your age, you will have to interact from a neutral point of view.

7) Go for New Experiences

You have some qualifications, which you are looking for in a candidate, but welcoming new talents and experimentations are always welcome. Apart from the given qualification, the candidate might have some extra talent. Well, you can try her out and see if she is suitable for the job role.

You never know that she might click! So, a good recruiter will always love to take up challenges and welcome new experiences, for a better employee prospect.

8) Time Management

Unless you know how to manage your time, you won’t be able to fulfill your job role.

And the same rule is applicable while working with the recruitment procedure. You are not just going to choose a reliable candidate, but have to follow up with him for the whole joining procedure.

So, unless you have proper time management, you have nowhere to go.

9) Modern Vision is Important

While selecting a candidate, you must not check out the presence of your company, but its future, as well. Everything about your company’s growth relies on the chosen candidates. So, you have to be very careful while working on the recruitment procedure. You must have a modern vision and a futuristic approach while selecting the candidate.

These 9 promising features will help you to differentiate a successful recruiter from the rest. So, without further ado, it’s time to work on these points and try to incorporate those into the recruitment procedures.

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Pallavi is a Hiring Director at Alliance International –an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and placement service provider for overseas and international businesses.

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