If you’ve never heard someone in your inner circle utter the words “I hate my job,” then.. wait, never mind – of course you’ve heard someone say this before.

“I hate my job,” is a statement I hear all too often, and for so many different reasons.

We have all, at one point or another, found ourselves in a work-related situation that makes us frustrated enough to question whether we are in the right place or not. Irritating coworkers, power-tripped-out bosses, overwhelming job demands – no matter the issue, it is only human to find yourself in a situation where you realize you’ve reached your max tolerance capacity for the work environment.

I often think of the well-circulated meme of the frustrated work employee throwing his hands (and a stack of papers) up into the air with an expletive that can more appropriately be translated as, “Forget this, I’m out of here!”

Funny as that may be, we all know this not the way to go about your business. At least not if you plan on giving references at your next place of employment.

Many clients that we collaborate with are so ready for a career change that they often ask, “Should I just quit while I’m looking for my new job?” While having a heaping 40 hours a week to yourself solely to search for jobs sounds ideal, it can actually harm you on your quest for future career success, for a few key reasons.

First, your resume will show inconsistencies, thus giving employers the idea that you may be irresponsible. Think of how difficult it would be to try to explain this career move in an interview.

No matter how well you spin your answer, there is a high likelihood that it come off as, “Well, I hated whatever I had to do so much that I chose to cease all responsibilities until a better opportunity came along.’’ This prospective employer would definitely fear that you could potentially leave him in a lurch as well, and with good reason!

Additionally, one of the first things a potential hiring manager will do before making you an offer is to call your last place of employment (whether or not you include someone from there on your list of references). Consider how different that phone call would be if you left on hasty terms?

Next, speaking of responsibilities…You have bills to pay! Covering your rent, your mortgage, your health insurance costs, and school loans is no easy feat without a steady source of income.

A meaningful and thorough job search takes time. Landing in your dream job will not happen overnight. Some interview processes can take weeks, and even when it seems you have a guaranteed offer in your hands, you’ve only just begun the negotiations process.

It would only be natural that an unemployed person on the hunt for a new career may begin making hasty decisions out of need to cover responsibilities, which could certainly throw a wrench into the whole “making a wise career move” idea.

Finally, there’s that whole “stress” issue. While it may feel like leaving that awful job behind will ease you of all your worries…think again. By eliminating a job before you’ve secured a new one, you are only opening the door to unwanted stress.

If you’re anything like me, added stress is the LAST thing you’d like to add to your daily life.

We urge you to job search responsibly!

Taking the right steps into a successful and meaningful future means leaving your past behind, with dignity. We are just as eager as you to help get you on your way towards your career dreams.

Remember: It’s YOUR Career. Refresh. Revive. Renew.

Written By
Emily Kapit, MS, MRW, ACRW, CPRW, is a triple certified Master Resume Writer and the founder, lead writer, and head career strategist at ReFresh Your Step, LLC, a career advisory firm based in Miami, Florida, with clients located nationally and internationally. Emily and her team of highly certified writers and career advisors have work extensively with clients on all facets of their career progression, including resumes/cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, job search strategies, mock interviews, career guidance, and more.
Michelle Dempsey, MS, CPRW is a published author and dedicated writer of all things. She is the owner and creator of her blog,The Trusted Mama, and is a senior content writer and career strategist for ReFresh Your Step. Michelle’s work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and more, spanning the gamut from motherhood to business strategy and everything in between.

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