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A person you may have been friends with your whole life but still might not be able to tell even the smallest details about you; which might have happened because of the lack of emotional connection and absence of interest.

Similarly, if your employees are not passionate about the goals of your business, he might not prove to be a very productive resource for your organization. Such employees can be classified either as “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.”

An employee who is not engaged can be unproductive due to the lack of passion for work and has very little or no motivation to perform his duties with bare minimum effort.

Such an employee cannot be a high performer and can only offer mediocre work whilst he is planning to quit the job. The more extreme of the two is an actively disengaged employee who practically hates his job, openly showcases his bad attitude towards work, does not show up on time or does not come to work at all, and has a quarrelsome disposition towards his coworkers.

Such employees do not just waste their own time but also put others and their time and work in jeopardy. Employees reach such extreme stages because of the lack of employee engagement.

Ideally, an “engaged” employee shall exhibit enthusiasm, commitment, and passion towards his work. He is satisfied with his role in the organization, has innovative ideas and solutions, and is a consistently high performer.

Whilst being a self-starter is a quality that can lead an employee towards self-engagement, but expecting your whole workforce to possess this quality is not practical. To have more engaged employees, you need to step in and change things around for better.

To activate the spirit in them to perform, you need to re-engage them by taking stern measures to improve the work environment and work culture.

This can start with the management by using positive ways to provide feedback instead of playing the blame game at workforce.

Reward talent and hard work and show that the extra mile that an employee went to add value to a task did not go unnoticed. Offering in-house training and mentoring opportunities for the employees to hone their existing skills or to acquire new ones can be very helpful.

In this infographic from Mad Max Adventures to learn about ways in which you can engage your employees and activate a high performing staff to advance your business goals.

Employee Engagement Infographic

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