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Slack makes our professional life easier, and reviews about the latest Slack integrations give us tips on how to be more productive.

In this article, we’re going to do an honest review and give you a list of our all-time favourite Slack integrations you need to try before this year ends.

Slack Integrations You Need to Try

  1. Vacation Tracker
  2. Obie
  3. Notify
  4. Tatsu
  5. Time Doctor
  6. Wonder
  7. Salesforce
  8. Statsbot
  9. Donut
  10. Giphy
  11. Asana
  12. Advanced Poll

1. Vacation Tracker – A Leave Tracking Slack Integration Every HR Will Love

Vacation Tracker falls under a list of most useful Slack integrations, both for small to mid-sized businesses and enterprises. HR managers feel relieved about the slightest mention of this tool: the most dreaded and time-consuming task is finally off their to-do list.

Vacation Tracker made leave tracking easy: requesting and approving leave takes only seconds to make. Employees need to type /vacation in their Slack account, and after filling short forms, they are good to go. On the other hand, managers are instantly notified whenever the employee makes a request, and they can approve it immediately.

What we especially love about this Slack integration is the ability to configure leave types through the “Settings” page. Even though default leave type is “Vacations and Days Off,” organizations can choose among plenty of others ranging from Sick day, Conference, Remote work, and PTO policy.

2. Obie – A Solution for Successful Onboarding

The employee onboarding process is super important. Companies lose a lot of money by replacing workers – that’s why the best strategy is to retain them. Some statistics state that companies with successful onboarding processes have the highest chance of retaining employees (by 82 percent). However, the vast majority of HR managers say the onboarding process is one of their biggest challenges.

We’re 100 percent sure they didn’t hear about Obie. Obie is a Slack integration made to make employee onboarding easy by answering questions starting with What, Who, and How. No need to be afraid of the Big bad onboarding process anymore, Obie got it!

3. Notify – Tracks Your Company’s Mentions Across the Web.

If you want to build a successful company, then you have to tell the world about it! Press clipping is a mandatory responsibility for anyone trying to get better positioning in the public’s eye. However, you don’t have to employ massive and complicated software to do that.

Notify is a Slack integration that notifies you whenever your company’s name gets mentioned online. And it’s an excellent customer satisfaction tool too. Being able to get feedback from your customers will make your job much easier.

4. Tatsu – A Slack Integration for More Organized Meetings.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of meetings. Even though most of them are pretty dull, there are times when they are crucial to a business’s survival. However, holding a meeting rarely comes without distractions.

Tatsu does that.Tatsu (Slack Integration)

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Tatsu is among our most preferred Slack integrations because it helps us hold our weekly stand-ups and meetings without leaving our desks. What’s more, all we have to do is type “start” in our Slack chat, and all members are instantly notified about the meeting.

5. Time Doctor – A Software That Made Time Tracking Perfect.

How you’ll know how you spend your time at work if you don’t track it? Time Doctor is one among many time tracking Slack integrations you need to try! Like Hubstaff, for instance, Time Doctor measures time employee spends on each task and takes screenshots to monitor their time-spending patterns.

Even though we’re able to admit that the idea of taking screenshots is pretty scary, it might be a very insightful tool towards higher productivity. Beware what you’re doing at work! Someone might be watching you.

6. Wonder – The Elephant of Slack Integrations. Because It Never Forgets.

Wonder makes us think a lot about Neville Longbottom and the famous “Harry Potter.” We might not be into witchcraft, however, we do have our remember all – Wonder.

A Wonder is a reminder tool turned into the chat. You just have to open a chat and tell it what you should remember, and it will remind you.

7. Salesforce

Every sales rep using Slack should be familiar with Salesforce. This Slack integration enables the sales team to share important information about accounts with a whole team and within a Slack chat.

8. Statsbot – A Software Every Geek Will Love.

Geeks will love this analytics tool! This Slack integration enables teams to integrate the essential data within a Slack and track them quickly and effortlessly. What’s more, this tool allows teams to connect Statsbot with their database for more accurate insights.

9. Donut – A Slack Integration Every Team Will Love!

“Happy teams are all alike; every unhappy team is unhappy in its way.” Leo Tolstoy. Or did this say that? Anyway, we’re happy to present you with the highest-powered among Slack integrations so far.

Donut is designed to enable teams to create meaningful bonds, become more productive, and engaged at work. What’s more, it achieves that by making team share donuts. Well, that’s a dream of every cop.

Donut enables the team to meet new team members, get reminders for meetings, create Slack pairing channels, etc. It even eases up the onboarding process by meeting new employees with the rest of the team.

10. Giphy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is so true. So it’s time to level up your office convo with some amazing GIFs from the Giphy gold mine of exciting GIFs.

Has it ever occurred to you that you want to say something to a team member of yours, but it seems that you just can’t put it into words? And an emoji is no better? You need something great. Well, that’s what GIFs are for. Whether you want to be funny and share a hilarious GIF with your team member, or feel that the entire Slack channel could use some humour, use the Giphy Slack integration.

It’s without a doubt the perfect integration for any situation. Feeling sad? Send a GIF. Feeling excited? Send a GIF. Any situation can be a GIF situation.



Sometimes you just need an integration that makes you laugh. You might not be able to schedule a meeting with it, but it will surely brighten up your day.

11. Asana

Asana is by far the easiest way for teams to coordinate and manage their work. It’s every project manager’s dream as you can easily create new tasks, assign them to different team members, add due dates and so much more.

But, now, Asana is also available for Slack. That’s right. You can turn your conversations into action and create new tasks in Asana without even having to leave your favourite communication tool.

Asana for Slack lets you take action on tasks right from notifications or Asana link, check the task details, change the assignee and/or due date, add a task to a project and more. The integration also allows you to turn Slack messages into tasks or add them to existing tasks in Asana.

One of the best things is notifications, as you can be notified of everything that’s happening in Asana, which is assigned to you. Simply use /asana and you’re one step closer to closing your tasks.

12. Advanced Poll

Advanced Poll is a great integration that lets you easily create polls right within Slack. Whether your team is trying to decide on what feature to work on next, or which restaurant you should go to for your New Year’s Eve celebration, Advanced Poll is here to help you out. It takes out all the stress of hour-long meetings where you discuss what you should choose, and makes it super simple.

To create a poll, you can either use the simple one-line-syntax to instantly post a poll /poll “Question” “Option1” “Option2” “Option3” with up to 44 answers options.

Or you can create a poll template with a poll create and configure your question and the answer options, schedule it to be posted later or post it right away.

Advanced Poll has some advanced settings which will help you automate your process and customize it per your liking. You can schedule the poll to be posted at a specific time, set it up to be posted recurrently, notify everyone when a new poll is up, enable anonymous voting and so much more. And in a few clicks, you’re all set.

Once you post a pool, you can have a full overview and statistics through the Advanced Poll dashboard.

There Are Plenty of Slack Integrations to Try Out…

What we love about the Internet era is the massive growth of tools that make our personal and professional lives easier. Slack has become one of the most powerful and most used tools on the market, and we see why.

But what makes it even more special are these great integrations that make working processes a lot more comfortable than before. HR tools, sales tools, productivity tools – you name it, Slack has it.



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