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UAE is the center of tourist’s attention because of its tallest and beautiful buildings. When people come to visit UAE, they dream to settle in so they can wake up to beaches and sleep to the sunset. But you can’t afford the lifestyle in UAE unless you work for a dream company or in one of this list of highest paying jobs in UAE.

Besides the flora and fauna, UAE is also known as an international business hub giving you opportunities to grow. It’s also one of the safest countries in the world with outstanding growth opportunities.  

So, if you’re looking to move to UAE, you must be searching for the highest paying jobs where the employer can afford your living or offer you enough salary to settle in.

In this article, we’ve compiled the list of best-paid jobs in UAE so you don’t need to do the effort, pick one of your favorite professions, and head-on with the job searching process with 5 useful tips

15 Highest Paying Jobs in UAE

1. Sales Job

With the advancement in technology, innovation has grown rapidly. Entrepreneurs are looking forward to solving people’s problems on a click by making incredible products and apps. But their product is nothing if it’s not marketed well. So, the sales profession has become the need of every company, be it medical, insurance or real estate. 

According to GlassDoor, you can earn up to $1,00,000 if you’re a specialist in this field. Every industry is in dire need of sales professionals, on top of which is the real estate industry. And you don’t need a bunch of experience or education to acquire this job. If you have a bachelor’s degree, it’s enough to get into the field.

2. Medical Profession

Medical professionals are the savior of any nation. In the UAE, a doctor earns up to 75,000 AED on an average. And if you’re a specialist Neurologist, Cardiologist, Surgeon, or Psychiatrists the earning can expand to 180,000 AED. But to become a doctor in the UAE, you’ve to undergo training of 5-6 years. 

Among all the medical professions, being a surgeon can make you earn the highest salary in UAE as this job requires extensive knowledge and a long learning path.

According to PayScale, a general surgeon can earn between AED 333K – 770K on average.  So, if you dare to pick up the struggle, in the beginning, you can later enjoy the perks of this profession.

Medical Testing Lab-Career in Phlebotomy

3. Lawyers

The role of a lawyer is highly crucial. A good lawyer can save your life whereas the bad one can spare you the death sentence. So, if you become a successful lawyer in the UAE, you can earn more than AED 80,000 per month. Every company needs a lawyer to handle their legal processes and protect the business. Apart from this, a lawyer can also be needed to handle the real estate or personal life matters.

But to enter this profession, you need to have a law degree and a minimum experience of 8 years. A lawyer holds a high perceived value for their clients and that’s why it’s one of the highest paying jobs in UAE.

4. Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

All the companies in UAE, either small or huge, depend on the strategic decision of the CFO. He’s the one who has complete control over the finances and takes key decisions for the company. Though CFO’s manages budget, spendings, loss and profit for the company so he ultimately qualifies for the highest salary in UAE.

If you have the passion for numbers and keen on making major decisions for the company then you’re good to go for this job. A highly qualified, experienced CFO can earn up to AED 70,000 per month. Qualifications might include Finance and Accounting manager with the experience being the bonus for you. 

5. Civil Engineers

Dubai is known for its spacious buildings, modern architecture, and the malls that astronauts can see from space. UAE is one of the best countries to make your career in the construction industry.  But the construction wouldn’t have been possible without the successful civil engineers of UAE. Their job includes the planning of the city’s infrastructure with safety. This is, however, the sensitive yet most knowledgeable job. But if you become one successful engineer, the highest salary paying companies in Dubai can hire you without ifs and buts. 

Civil engineers in the UAE earn an average salary of AED 100,000 per monthly. And to become a good engineer you need to have a degree and the ability to communicate and negotiate. After entering this profession you need to gather a work history of 8 years and then you’ll be eligible to work with big firms.

6. Bankers

The bank managers and the professionals at senior levels are highly involved in crucial decision-making, approving and rejecting loans, making potential investments, and running all the banking operations. A total of 46 domestic and foreign banks operate in the UAE (ResearchGate). That’s why banking is an important and growing sector. It also possesses high risk which makes you earn more as compared to other fields.

In addition to Dubai being the business hub, the banking operations, duties, and responsibilities keep on increasing with the time. Banking is an ideal job in UAE which offers you great perks with a salary of up to AED 77,000 monthly. You can also qualify for this job if the stats don’t bore you easily.

black and white photo of a bank

7. Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

The highest paying jobs in UAE are the one with the most responsibility and CEOs are also included in it. They are the ones who run the company from inside as well as outside. They are also required in all the national and multinational companies of UAE. So, the bigger the company, the higher will be the pay i.e. more than AED 500,000.

But to win the role of CEO, you need to prove that you deserve this position by successfully running the company affairs, handling the conflicts, and keeping your team together. The responsibilities seem easy to read but only a CEO can tell what it takes to be in this position.

8. Real Estate Profession

Since UAE is the country where people from all over the world come and settle in for their business or job so there’s a high demand for real estate consultants or property sellers. Even when you enter fresh in this profession, you can outgrow your career through continuous learning. If you’re a real estate manager, you have the opportunity to earn more than AED 90,000 per month.

You only need to have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market, excellent communication, and negotiation skills along with real estate training. If you love this field, you’re never going to get bizarre from your job, guaranteed.

9. Pilots

The aviation industry is one of the leading industries in the UAE. If you’re a pilot you can earn more than AED 700,000. It’s the best career that can keep you excited till it lasts but it’s also a risky job as you have to perform your duty in the sky. A pilot is also responsible for the safety of the passengers. 

Becoming a pilot isn’t an easy job, you need to undergo rigorous training to earn this title. The training can cost you 3 years and at least 2 million AED. But once you become a successful pilot, people will love you, respect you and you’ll be able to live your dream life in UAE.

10. Teachers

Teachers make the future, they build generations. Every nation depends on its teachers and counselors. It’s impossible for any nation to thrive without great teachers. This profession offers you a competitive salary starting from AED 9,000 – 15,000 per month. You can either become a government or private school teacher or can also opt for administrative roles in schools or colleges.

You can offer your services if you’re specialized in some subjects. And if you have completed your Masters or PhD program, you will have a better opportunity to grow your earnings in this noble profession. 

11. IT Professionals

Technology has been growing at an unprecedented pace and will continue to be an important player in the world. Keeping to this, IT managers and professionals will be ever demanded in UAE. Their job rules include designing, development, and building up the IT department to keep the tech operations running for the company. If you’re more into this field, you can take up to AED 70,000 per month.

The minimum education required to qualify in this field is a bachelor’s degree in computer or IT. Afterwards, you can make your career strong with hands-on experience of at least 10 years, and then you’ll be eligible to work for huge IT firms.

Learning Information Technology - Advance your IT Career

12. Oil and Gas Engineers

UAE holds 7% of oil reserves and its economy majorly depends on the industry for its growth. So, if oil and gas is your field and you want to target the highest paying jobs in this niche, you can consider targeting procurement specialists which can make you more than AED 50,000 every month.

If you plan to opt for this field, you need to start with preparing your career in engineering and work till you get 5 years of experience. Oil companies are the highest revenue-generating companies in UAE so with more and more achievements, you can unlock great opportunities in this niche.

13. Human Resource Managers

Every company needs an HR manager to run its operations smoothly. They are responsible for making the policies for the company, recruitment and downscaling of the employees and carries a big responsibility on their shoulders. According to Professional Resume Writers in Dubai, HRM is the demanding position for which they receive a minimum of 3 orders daily.

The salary of an HRM depends on the experience but can vary up to AED 80,000 per month. If you become more renown in this field, you can avail the opportunity to work with big companies and earn above 400,000 per month.

14. Chief Marketing Officers

A CMO heads the marketing and branding of the organization with the mission to improve the sales performance. This includes online and offline marketing as well. Their job role is to create marketing strategies to grow the product performance. The role requires adept communication skills and the ability to fit into the company’s requirements. A good marketing manager can pull in over AED 300,000 per month.

And to work on this position you need a bachelor’s in business or marketing and experience of working with different brands and companies. 

15. Actuaries

Last but not the least, actuaries can easily make six-figure income per month if they are certified, professionals. Actuaries are the ones who worked with insurance companies to determine claims. They also work with the pension firms to decide the amount a retiree should be paid. Other than that, they can also be hired by government institutions, banks, and stockbrokers.

But to become a successful actuarial in UAE, you need a 4-year degree in actuarial science and then a professional certification of around 8 years. Upon completion, you’d be able to score your dream job in the UAE with a salary above AED 1,00,000. 

These top 15 highest paying jobs in the UAE will help your decision-making if you’re looking for a career switch. And if you’re a fresh graduate then the list will help you to decide which field can be best for you. 

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