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The efficiency of every business depends on the quality of their employees. Sure, as a manager, you can do a lot to help your employees get more experience, provide them with better training and even go that extra mile to motivate them.

Even with all of this, the truth is that some people simply work harder than others, which is why you need to make hiring these people your top priority.

Unfortunately, as a young entrepreneur, you might lack the experience and insight to recognize these potential employees and reach out to them the right way around. Here are several tips that may help you out in this regard.

1. Start With Adequate Job Description

The first step in hiring right people lies in making sure that adequate people apply. In order to do so, you need to make sure to write a concise job description.

For starters, you need to make a list of tasks and responsibilities that this particular post consists of. In this way, you allow people to create a realistic estimate of whether they’re up to the task in the first place. Moreover, you need to hint at a potential career path that lies ahead.

This is particularly important in order to attract more ambitious people, seeing as how it’s vital for this particular position not to be viewed as a dead-end. Finally, it is also vital to make an accurate job title.

2. Look for Those With Long-Term Plans of Staying

A lot of people see working in an SMB (especially a young SMB) as a temporary occupation. A place where they can work to improve their resumes enough that they can move to a bigger company or a corporation.

Needless to say, to most entrepreneurs, this is definitely not a great solution, seeing as how they’re expected to hire, train and battle-harden an employee only to see them leave or get poached. Therefore, you need to learn how to recognize people with the intention of staying.

First of all, there are a lot of people who feel comfortable with small businesses and would rather build a company from scratch than chase corporate titles for the entirety of their career. These people should be the backbone of your company.

3. Prepare All the Necessary Documentation

You need to understand one thing, the way in which you hire your employee is also vital in creating their first impression of you and your business.

Therefore, you need to find a way to demonstrate your commitment and efficiency from the very beginning. One of the simplest ways to do so is to draft an adequate employment letter.

This way, as soon as you make a decision to hire a person, you can present them with the necessary documentation and demonstrate that you indeed mean business.

4. Be on an Active Lookout

Ideally, all your candidates would reach out to you, however, people who are at the top of their game are not as commonly checking out new offers at the job market. In fact, they might be receiving so many offers that they really don’t feel the need to go job-hunting on their own.

In order not to miss out on this vital group, you need to A) be on an active lookout and B) learn how to reach out to them.

Even people with zero experience in this field might have guessed that the LinkedIn might be the most logical first step, however, platforms like Craigslist, email marketing and other social media networks can be just as effective.

5. Prepare for the Interview

The greatest misconception to hire the right people lies in the belief that a CV can be faked but that the interview assessment is always accurate. On the other hand, if all your interview questions are generic like “Tell me a little about yourself,” or “What are your biggest weaknesses,” it’s quite easy for your potential employees to prepare and rehearse “correct” answers in front of the mirror.

That way, they are more likely to tell you what you want to hear than what you’ve asked them. Therefore, you might want to spice things up a bit by making your questions a tad more challenging and a lot more revealing.

Hire the Right People

6. Adjust for the Introverts

In the previous section, we went to lengths to discuss the importance of the job interview but, there’s a secret hazard to this issue that you need to be aware of. You see, extroverts are going to outperform introverts in an interview 9 out of 10 times.

Does that make them better employees? Of course not. Some studies even indicate that introverts perform better in many areas, seeing as how they aren’t distracted by immediate rewards.

In order to avoid the prospect of missing out on some of your best employees, you have to find a way to learn how to interview an introvert. Just because someone is shy it doesn’t mean that they are a bad fit for your business.

7. Make a Background Check

Finally, before you decide to hire someone, you need to check if they have a criminal record, while some employers go even further than that. Checking out people’s social media accounts and their digital footprint, in general, is acceptable before hiring someone.

Of course, keep in mind that you too may have photos you wouldn’t want your employer to see, which is why you need to approach it with an open mind. Still, to someone careful, it’s fairly easy to spot alarming activities and indicators that a potential employee may be less than ideal for your business.


To sum up, in order to hire the right people, you first need to figure out what your perfect employee looks like and make a job description to match this ideal.

Next, you have to spread your message through all the channels available, prepare for the interview and have all the paperwork ready for the potential hire. As simple as this may sound, it is a skill that may take you some time to master.


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