Nowadays, home offices are not just a place to work but an extension of your personality and preferred style – just like the rest of your home. It doesn’t matter whether you place it in a separate room or use the space under your stairs, your home office should be set up in accordance with your taste and style.

Contemporary home décor means sophisticated furniture, simple forms, and functionality above all so here’s how to set it up properly in your own home.

1. Light it up naturally

This might depend on of the position your home office has in your house but you should know that lighting is very important. Not only does it boost productivity and help you stay awake, but it’s also an inherent part of the contemporary interior design.

Reconsider positioning your desks near a window to achieve that airy, contemporary look and ventilate often so the fresh air can clarify your mind.

Of course, too much light can be stressful to your eyes and, therefore, contra productive, so shades or curtains are a necessity. If you work at night then high-quality artificial lighting should be your priority.

The winning combination is a good combination of overhead and focused lighting, experts from the field claim.

2. Add artsy touches

As we already mentioned, your home office should be an extension of your taste so use your artistic side to decorate it properly. Create a focal point above your desk or, better yet, on the opposite wall by adding a piece of art, motivational posters, graphics, or whatever you like.

Don’t cover the walls of your home office only with sticky notes, calendars, and reminders – you’ll need something to rest your eyes on from time to time. It certainly is better than taking a break by watching a TV or browsing the internet.

Besides, a study showed that experiencing art decreases the stress level and helps with sleep and memory problems – what more a tired home worker can wish for?

3. Decorate boldly

Decorating your home office with traditional furniture in, let’s say, dark wood hues is great, but the contemporary interior design is all about reinventing bold shapes and accent colours. This is especially valuable if your home office space is rather small – light, vivid colours will make it look bigger while geometrically shaped furniture will provide fresh, neat, and clean ambiance.

It’s all about sharp lines and contrast colours but also – comfort. When picking up the furniture, don’t forget that you are about to spend eight or more hours using it every day.

Ergonomically designed chair should be on top of your shopping list, as it will provide you with precious back support, promote good posture and save you some money on future medical bills.

4. Think minimal

A minimalist approach in interior design came from Scandinavia. It’s characterized by simplicity and functionality so it’s no wonder why it became instantly popular all over the world, especially when it comes to home office design. On the other hand, clutter can distract you and negatively affect your ability to focus and process information.

That’s why keeping only essential things in your home office is a good choice – it’ll be easier to clean, nothing will drag away your attention, and, what’s also very important – it will look marvellously trendy. Don’t let stationery nor files pile up on your desk and around the room – make sure you have some kind of storage space on your home office furniture shopping list.

5. Don’t forget about security

Along with all the freedom and flexibility of the modern home office comes the peril of security issues that might occur outside the protected network.

Even if your business has virtual private network (VPN) access that prevents hacks, your computer still needs a trusted anti-virus solution for commercial use. In addition, disallowing family members the access to your work unit will further increase data security.  

And while virtual security is tremendously important, ensuring the physical security of your home office is equally important, as there is often expensive equipment or physical files containing sensitive information in it.

Based on the needs of your office, an appropriate home security system and the services of your local 24-hour locksmith will prevent unwanted physical intrusions. 

With the development of new technologies and working fields, working from home became a sort of necessity.

People no longer use their home offices for wrapping up things left unfinished during work hours but spend their full time working from their homes. That’s why setting up a trendy yet functional home office is a must. Make it contemporary and you’ll surely finish any task with ease.

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