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Are you tired of newspapers job sections posting jobs only for candidates with significant and demonstrable experience?

Know you have what it takes to be placed at a decent position in the organization, but the limited experience is coming in the way?

Fret not!

We have got you covered!

Experience is mostly trouble with the out of college graduates who are frustrated with being on the reject list of the organizations. They are always facing the common dilemma, “Where do pass out graduates get experience from?”

Today we are going to help you with some strategies that will help you land a fantastic job with a competitive package, regardless of your limited working experience:

1. Build Your Confidence

First things first, you need to boost your confidence and divert your mind from your lack of experience. Instead of focusing on the things that you don’t have, it would be fruitful if you work on your skills that are relevant to the job and articulate how you are going to present them to the interview board.

Your confidence despite the lack of experience should convince the interview members that you would significantly contribute to the organization’s goals and objectives.

2. Be Creative

It is crucial that you can articulate the link which will help the interviewer screen you in despite the lagging experience. Structure how you are going to explain your skills with confidence so that the interviewer does not confront you with the experience factor.

3. Stay Abreast

You might not have the right experience for the job, but keeping yourself abreast with the latest development in the field of interest will convince your interviewer about your sincerity towards the job.

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4. Highlight Your Soft Skills

How do you stand out from the crowd? Your soft skills proficiency will help you forge ahead in the interview. Yes, technical skills help you attain the job, but it is the proper combination of technical as well as soft skills that help you progress in an organization.

Since soft skills such as professionalism, team motivator, amicability cannot be taught, highlighting them would help bring a more positive light to your resume.

Take note of the non-obvious experiences and highlight them.

5. Network Adequately

In the times when most of the networking feels fake and forced, your approach to networking must be sincere and authentic. In job fair, where recruitment agencies, offshore recruiters are on a look-out for talented candidates, reach out to people in who might be minutely linked with your field of interest and let them know you’re on a lookout for a job.

Real networking goes a long way in escalating your career graph. Go to a job fair and connect with professionals, executives and display honesty and utmost sincerity. Do not forget to send out a follow-up post-event as this will show your interest.

6. Don’t Fear the Reality

Acknowledging something helps in dealing with it with a clear head. You might face loads of rejection at first, but that should not discourage you from going ahead. Know how can you improve be it your resume to how you perform at the interview.

Analyze and work on it. Rejections should help you to present yourself better.

7. Start with Internships

Applying and working as an intern(paid/unpaid) will help you give your career a good start in the direction you want to steer it to. Apply for the field you are interested in or the skills that your future employees are looking for.

After gaining significant experience as an intern, you can apply to the position when you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have acquired in the course of your internship.

There is a cut-throat competition to secure a decent job in an organization. In the crowd of talented graduates passing out every year and reputable positions being held by highly skilled and multifaceted candidates, those lacking in experience need to pull up their socks and have to make extra efforts to be able to find a job in an organization.

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