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 Several factors could lead to a lack of productivity in the workplace, one of which is lacking a healthy working environment for employees. As a leader, one of your main goals is to ensure that you make your employees healthy, happy, and enjoy what they do. Turnover is costly, and too much of it create a challenging environment to work and exist with every single day.

There are effective ways that you can employ to ensure that you create a stable work environment for your workers. The worst decision that you can do is taking no action at all for improving work conditions around the office.

Here are some ways of keeping your worker’s physical and mental well-being in check:

1. Encourage Physical Activity in the Workplace

Regular physical is beneficial to the health and helps keep one in a healthy state of mind and body. For employees, it boosts performance and productivity while working. It also dramatically decreases health leaves and other medical costs.

Here are some ways to encourage workers much actively engage in physical activity:

Offer workout classes Hold workout classes for employees during lunch or after work. You can encourage participation by initially offering attractive reward systems.

Give time-off for physical activity Why not considering giving your employees an hour of time off so that they can do physical activity? Several companies have done this in the past, and most of their employees are appreciative of the management’s support, especially in encouraging them to lead a more active lifestyle.

Encouraging to use to stairs instead of the lift Climbing the stairs is a simple physical activity that can go a long way. Always remind everyone that it’s healthier taking the stairs, by posting reminders on the hallway, lift lobbies or stairways. Over time, your employees will be more used to this lifestyle change, and in turn, will become more physically active.

2. Promote Work-life Balance

Creating a healthy work-life balance has been a constant struggle for both employers and employees. It’s essential because it gives your workers a greater sense of control and ownership in their own lives. Balanced employees are those who feel motivated and less stressed out on work. Thus, it reduces possible conflicts in the workplace and increases productivity.

Companies that encourage a healthy work-life balance have higher employee retention rates,  a higher degree of in-house expertise, and increased employee loyalty.

3. Have an Open and Honest Communication

One of the ingredients of having a top-performing team is good and honest discussion among its members. Communication plays a crucial role in building stronger connections and relationships. It also helps generate ideas, and overcome difficulties and challenges.

As a leader, you have to make sure that there is a constant flow of communication among the team. Encouraging team members to express themselves, and building a communication-friendly environment is essential. You should also try to keep the contact constant, try to uncover communication issues, and ask for feedback when necessary.

4. Recognize Their Work and Reward for Their Milestones

Recognizing your employees’ efforts through rewards and recognition can do wonders in boosting their productivity. For instance, saying “thank you” is one of the simplest, yet most vital ways to recognize your employees.

It helps validate people in work and effort they’ve put through, maintain boost employee morale, and improve workplace relationships. Even recognizing small behavioural shifts can strengthen incremental improvements.

You can also set specific milestones, and offer rewards once a milestone is achieved. Remember, rewards don’t have to be costly. Sometimes, a heartfelt thank you or treating your team to lunch or dinner can already go a long way.

5. Provide Healthy Food Options

Food will always be the body’s fuel. That’s why you should focus on giving your tea quality food options. How can you expect people to perform at their best and maximize their potential if they feel sluggish and stressed out? Having quality snacks around the office sends a message to your team that you appreciate their hard work.

Also, work can sometimes be demanding and can take a toll on your employees’ health and sanity. Why not encourage short, frequent breaks and stack up your office kitchen with healthy treats?

superfoods that boost productivity

6. Maintain a Clean and Comfortable Office Space

Having a clean and comfortable workspace is a crucial aspect of maintaining a successful business. Not only that it leaves a good impression to potential clients, but it also helps keep your workers happy, productive and healthy.

Considering that an average worker spends approximately eight hours a day in their respective workplaces, they have to feel comfortable doing their jobs. If your staff are unhappy with their work environment, they’ll feel dissatisfied. Also, productivity levels will start to drop if they’re working in a cluttered and unclean environment.

7. Put Some Plants Around the Office

It’s a fact ‒ most employees spend most of their days in their respective workplaces that they lose their connection with the natural environment. But according to research, adding some greenery to the office such as indoor plants have positive effects on employees and their organizations.

In a 2010 study by the new University of Technology, Sydney, the introduction of plants in the workplace can significantly reduce stress levels. Results show that there is a 37 per cent drop in anxiety and tension, 38 reductions of fatigue, and a 58% drop in depression among workers.

It’s argued that this is often due to colour psychology ‒ shades of green can create a relaxing and calming effect. Therefore, decorating workspaces on this colour can also have a similar impact as introducing indoor plants in the office.

8. Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

To ensure that employees work to their fullest potential, you should invest in ergonomic office furniture. Doing prevents injuries in the workplace (sudden exertion, tripping, falling, lifting heavy objects.)

Moreover, damages caused by repetitive motions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendinitis are also avoided. Providing workers with well-fitted, ergonomically designed furniture will help decrease these hazardous effects.

Ergonomically designed furniture in the workplace leads to increased comfort and better posture and health.

9. Let Some Sunlight In

Most workers prefer natural light, especially the ones who suffer migraines as harsh fluorescent lighting in the office can trigger these attacks.

Ensure that the light doesn’t reflect off other objects because this may lead to headaches and eye strain. So if you’re hunting down a new office, making light your priority.

To experience a steep rise in productivity, you can also install those wall-to-wall windows. You can also replace your lighting with bulbs that are proven to replicate natural sunlight or hold team meetings outside of the office.

10. Educate Yourself as an Employer on Workplace Rights and Policies

It’s always an excellent idea to educate yourself and your fellow employees about different workplace rights and policies. Everyone should meet the minimum requirements when it comes to certain areas of health and safety in the workplace, minimum standards, and right treatment of people in the office.

You can also proactively share the company’s policies, rules, and guidelines for everyone, and set necessary expectations.

To Wrap It Up

When it comes to maintaining employee motivation, productivity, and happiness, it all boils down to their working environment.

Incorporating all of these strategies isn’t an overnight task and won’t happen overnight. Just be dedicated to employing all of these tips in the workplace, and inevitably, everything will be well worth it.

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