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You’ve spent the last four years of your life studying like crazy, acing all the tests and even did a bit of getting out and having fun. Now, you’re about to graduate, and just like everyone out there, an existential dread sets in.

Yes, it can be super hard transitioning from someone who’s been in school virtually their whole life to an adult who’ll be fully responsible for everything in their life. And even though it’s scary, it’s hella fun to go out there and practice what you’ve been studying.

So, here are four simple things you prepare you for what’s to come in the upcoming months after graduation.

And the First One Is… It’s Nothing Like You Imagined.

Real-life is nothing like school. College (and school as a whole) is pretty straight forward – put in the work, and you’ll get an “A”.

Life on the other hand… let’s just say that putting in the work and achieving the result requires a disproportionate amount of work. Sometimes things don’t work out, and rarely plans happen as you planned them to.

But see, the beauty of life lies in never really knowing of what’s going to happen and just enjoying the surprises as they happen. And, as you’re just fresh out of college…

You’ll Need to Get a Job.

Well, maybe you’re leaving college with a job just waiting for you, maybe you’re not. If the latter sounds more like you, find yourself a place that’s closely related to what you’ve studied and just start putting in the hours.

College is fun and all, but you’ll be surprised at how cool working can be, especially if you find joy in what you’re doing. Most places are looking for fresh team members to join them and according to the Going Ivy website, you’ll have a much larger chance of scoring a good-paying job if you start applying early on.

And There Definitely Will Be a Bit of a Learning Curve.

Not in terms of starting your new job, but more like you’ll find who is your friend. During this transition period a lot of people change, and the friends that you’ve spent so much time in college with, well… let’s just say that you won’t really keep that much in touch with after that.

And that’s okay! Everyone takes on their own path after graduating and friendships are bound to get broken.

But Then There’s the Lifestyle Change.

The college has done a pretty good job of keeping you busy during your whole studying time, but now you’ll have to keep yourself busy. A nine to five will do part of the job, but you’ll also have to focus on completely different things.

Truth is, post-graduate life is 180 degrees of what you’re used to, so prepare to spend some time figuring that whole thing out.

Well, the most important thing after graduating is to focus on the bigger picture and not feel down. Changes can feel overwhelming and drastic in most cases, but everyone is going through them, and it’s almost certainly for the better, so be brave!

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