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Accounting, one of the most versatile career options, has gained immense popularity in the past few years. This can be accredited to the wide scope of opportunities and the career growth this field offers. More and more students are looking forward to starting their career in accounting by taking up an ACCA accounting course as a career option.

If you too are interested in entering the accounting profession and are wondering what the right way to go about it is, this blog is for you. Read on to get a step-by-step guide to a career in accounting.

1. Research

Before you take the plunge of enrolling for a course or appearing for a particular examination, do some in-depth research. There are various options available, in terms of companies, for accounting professionals to choose from.

Decide whether you want to work for a public or private accounting firm. Narrow down on the specialization you would like to pursue or area of accounting you would like to work in, such as tax, governmental accounting, consulting or audit.

Once you have narrowed down your options about these factors, research about the companies that deal with your desired accounting sector. Once you have decided on the company, move on to the next step.

2. Developing Relevant Skills

While accounting seems like an easy profession to pursue, you must have certain skills if you want to do it right.

In order to have a successful accounting career, you must have skills such as excellent business acumen, teamwork organizational skills, integrity, critical thinking abilities, excellent excel skills, and impeccable communication skills.

This will not only help you grow in the professional sphere but also give your personal development a boost. Moreover, improving your excel skills will contribute to your professional life as an accounting professional. More so, because you will be dealing with numbers and data every day of your professional life.

3. Complete the ACCA Qualification

If you have already made the decision to enter the accounting profession and have the prerequisites to appear for the ACCA qualification exams, complete the qualification as you can.

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The sooner you complete the qualification, the better it will be for your career growth. It will add value to your resume, helping you get better jobs with even better remuneration. Don’t put off appearing for the ACCA certification exam until you take up a full-time job.

The reason being, once you start working full-time, it will be difficult to allocate enough time to prepare for the qualification exams. ACCA qualification is a difficult road to tread and needs your undivided attention.

4. Update Your Resume

Once you have completed the ACCA qualification exams, it’s time to enter the work sphere. Update your resume, clearly explaining the qualifications you have as well as elaborating on your strengths as an accounting professional.

5. Work on Your Interview Skills

Even if your resume looks excellent, it is crucial to have good interview skills. This includes communication skills, confidence, articulation and in-depth knowledge about your field.

To enhance your interview skills, you can browse the internet for FAQs in accounting interviews. Once you are done with this step, you are all set to enter the accounting profession and ace it.

Following the above-mentioned guide will help you secure a place in an accounting firm and you will be off to an excellent start. So, start working towards your dream. All the best!

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