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Truth be told, social media has invaded so much of our lives in all age levels. It runs most of our daily routines and affects the way we see things and perceive other people. It impacts even our appearance in the workplace and possible job opportunities and promotions.

Yes, social media is an avenue full of potentials and possibilities, but it is also as destructive as it is helpful with some people actually losing their careers because of social media manners and mishaps.

If you own a social media account or two, let these facts not worry you.

No need to deactivate every account you have; just observe these simple tips on improving your career even without utilizing the social media.

1. Set Yourself for a Little Privacy

Everyone does not need to know where you are, what you are doing, and who you’re hanging out with all the time. This is where privacy becomes your best friend. All social networking sites have privacy controls that allow your content to be shielded from public perusal.

Even your boss does not need to know you’ve been hanging out with friends late night on a work night. We can keep those grimy details between ourselves and a close circle of friends.

2. Monitor Your Reputation by Doing Online Research of Yourself

Put yourself in your employer’s shoes and utilize popular search engines such as Google and Bing to search information about yourself – enter your name, usernames, and email addresses to see what information is out there.

It is a good way to unearth even the oldest accounts and profiles that you may have already forgotten about and things you have posted on a whim way back 10 years ago.

What does this say about you?

Sure, they may be seemingly harmless, but if you doubt their ability to up your credibility, contact the provider to delete these accounts.

3. Avoid Inconsistencies

Everything you say online should match who you really are in real life. It may include but not limited to, educational background and attainment and work history.

The last thing you would want your employer and co-workers to think of you is of being deceptive.

4. Avoid Badmouthing Your Work, Your Boss, or Clients at All Cost

It’s a probability that the current job or career you’re in is not the one you’ve always wanted, but putting a bad word about it, especially on social media is not the way to go.

Job application

It does not only affect your employer’s opinion of your opinion about him but also of prospecting employers in the near future.

If you have nothing good to say about your workday or a specifically hard-to-deal-with client, better keep your cool and resist ranting about it online.

You never know how far a bad word can go and how long it’ll fester on the internet.

5. Invest in Actual Relationships

Nothing beats communicating with people the old fashion way. In a world bombarded with technology, relying too much on it hinders actual communication, especially in the workplace.

You may be friends with over ten thousand people on social media, give or take a few more followers, but not being able to establish this relationship into an actual, lasting one is somewhat ironic.

Connect with people you work with outside the workplace, set healthy communication. This does not only help you gain real friends but also gains you a healthier working environment.

6. Never Plagiarize on Social Media

Plagiarism may be something seemingly harmless on social media, where re-posting and re-tweeting is a norm, but it could hurt your integrity when you go posting contents without crediting where and from whom it came from.

Plagiarism is a taboo in the corporate world and putting you and your social accounts in the same standard are also of the essence. 

7. Avoid Social Media Distractions at Work

It isn’t healthy to be always online on social media accounts, especially at work.

Gadgets and technology may be something that you deal with at work all the time but indulging yourself too much of unnecessary screen time not only shows disinterest with work but also sends your boss an impression of laziness and lack of work ethics.

Save your social media updating after working hours or when your task at work is done.

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