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18 Ideas for Improving Your Personal Productivity at Work

We as Employees / Office workers always wish to do more at work, but fall short on this goal most of the times.

Being more productive at work isn’t a magic and you cannot become productive unless you make a deliberate effort.

Being productive at work really requires being more deliberate about how you deal with your time and approach your daily tasks. You must learn, in person as well as in a group, to work smarter, to work quicker, and to carry out your tasks in such a way that you don’t give up the quality of work.

You cannot become indolent in your work because it hampers your productivity.

Following are some of the tips that may help you to increase your personal productivity at work:

1. Get Smarter

Lack of adequate time is one of the chief reasons that destroys your personal productivity at work. You are typically required to complete multiple tasks in shorter periods of time. As a result, making the most of your time is important. Obviously, your personal productivity at work depends on how effectively you use up the available working hours.

One of the obvious (but not easy) way to get more work done is to become smarter. i.e, becoming better at the core skills that make your job. Over time, your speed of execution will improve. Also you can take additional courses/training to improve your skill-sets.

2. Time Management

This is obvious, isn’t it? Learn to manage your time well. Undeniably, time is a vital thing that no employee has enough of. If you are capable of managing your time effectively, then you can do wonders.

Effective Time management will guide you to bring out your results in a consistent manner and thus become effective at work. When you manage your time efficiently, you will get ample time to deal with your many assignments.

Use a to-do list. Leverage technology when possible. Delegate wherever you can. If you can shave off 1 hour of your day by proper time management skills – how much more can you get accomplished?

3. Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritizing your tasks will allow you to increase personal productivity at work. Focus on carrying out the most demanding/difficult tasks during your most productive moments. And do the less challenging tasks during the rest of the day. Create a Must-Do-First list.

And your use your Must-Do-First List to prioritize your tasks accordingly. These lists are very important since it increases your efficiency and you will be able to complete your tasks with less or no stress.

Make a list of all the things thing that you have got to complete every single day. You should make sure to place the challenging and very important tasks at the top, and the least significant or less challenging tasks towards the end of the list.

4. Set Deadlines for Your Tasks

Setting realistic deadline for your tasks is a sensible choice to increase your personal productivity at work. Giving practical deadlines to your different tasks will let you to complete the tasks on the dot, and you will make a purposeful effort to meet the deadlines that you set.

Take a look at your Must-Do-First list and calculate the time every task needs to be completed. Don’t set a deadline that you cannot achieve. This puts more pressure on you, and will definitely stress you out. Give yourself ample time to complete each task.

5. Avoid Multi-tasking

Contrary to popular belief – multi-tasking is not efficient or effective.

Remember that performing two or more tasks at a time will stress you out. If you do so, you will fail to complete the tasks on time and you will become ineffective at work.

Try to concentrate on one task at a time and get them completed effectively before moving to the next task. Don’t make your work harder by trying to complete multiple tasks together.

6. Take Regular Breaks

You cannot work long hours at a stretch. You are not a machine. Actually machines also need rest times.

Take regular breaks in between your work to reset/rejuvenate. If you try to work non-stop without taking the required breaks, you will become exhausted and this will hamper your productivity. Hence, you should know when to take break and when not to take break.

The most productive people are familiar with when to take a break. They know that working non-stop is tiring and stressful. Studies point out that taking short breaks during the workday is more effective and can increase your personal productivity. Taking a break also might be useful in keeping you on track and avoiding boredom at work.

7. Get Rid Of Distractions

Distractions can have horrible effects on your personal productivity. If you are constantly distracted, you won’t be able to complete the tasks on time and you will have to spend some extra hours to finish your tasks.

Some of the most common things that distract you at work are the internet, mobile phones, email or message notifications, chatting with colleagues, etc.

We have all been here and we know this already. That’s why, I won’t get into too much explanation or details. The more focused we can stay on the task at hand – the more we can get done.

8. Love Your Work

You must be passionate about your work and love what you do in order to increase your personal productivity. If you are not happy about what you do, you will not perform your work effectively. Period. You will do the work or might complete the task for the sake of doing it.

Your love and enthusiasm towards your work is crucial since it will reflect in whatever you do at work. Finding joy and love in your work is indispensable because it can let you to perform at your best. When you are passionate about your work and love what you do, nobody needs to force you to do the work because it will come naturally to you. You won’t feel your work as a burden.

9. Start Your Work Early

The time that you choose to start your work every day can have a huge influence in your productivity at work. Highly productive people are at their offices early.

When you start your work early in the morning, you will get an adequate amount of time to plan your work, create a Must-Do-First list and complete the tasks on time with more efficacy.

If you are late to work, you will not get ample time to plan your work, get prepared and you will have to start your work right away or will have to scramble to get things done.

Start your job early as it makes you comfortable, relax, and effectively plan. It will also give you ample time and take you away from being hurry to finish your tasks. And you will even avoid the dreadful morning rush hour. Who likes commuting during rush hours anyway?

10. Sleep Well

This is a very talked about topic nowadays – Sleep.

Sleeping well is often an overlooked factor to improve your productivity at work. Once again, this is one of those things that does not require a lengthy explanation.

If you are always sleeping less than adequately, it will be hard for you to be effectively productivity at your work. You will be constantly distracted feeling heavy-eyed when you are at work. Your whole day will be spoiled if you don’t sleep well. Hence, plan your evenings appropriately and go to the bed early in order to enjoy sound sleep.

11. Do the most Difficult Tasks First

Aim to do the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning. You are usually more refreshed and full of energy in the morning hours ; and it will be the right time to do the most challenging or difficult tasks.

When you make a list, make sure to arrange the challenging tasks for the mornings. The most testing tasks should be the one that you need to complete first in the morning and it will help you to carry out the work with more focus. You also feel a sense of accomplishment and a surge of positive emotions once you complete a difficult task.

12. Find your Prime Time

We all work differently. Some people work well in the morning, others are afternoon workers. Find your most productive time in the day and plan your work accordingly. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find out your prime time and make sure to exploit it in order to increase your personal productivity at work.

13. Avoid Using Social Media

Keep in mind that using social media while you are at work can decrease your personal productivity at work. Social media offers a lot of positive effects to people. However, everything has a time and place.

Ever spent tons of time, reading about your friend’s updates on Facebook or Pictures on Instagram. Enough said, we have all been guilty of this.

You should minimize browsing your social media accounts unless your work demands it. Some employees are required to make use of social media as part of their job.

14. A Productive Workplace

Keep in mind that the people are usually productive at their work if the workplace is productive. Hence, it is essential for the people to create a productive workplace culture. You have to form positive relationships among your colleagues, with your teams, team leaders, managers, etc. No one likes to go to work in a toxic work environment.

A collaborative and productive workplace inspires people and helps them to work with dedication and loyalty. People feel encouraged to work and complete task even if it is demanding to them if they are working in a productive workplace

15. Prepare in Advance

Remember the Must-Do-First List?

Aim to look at your work list for the next day in the evening or night. It will allow you to have a clearer idea about your tasks and will help you prioritize your tasks. Preparing in advance allows you to save your time for planning about the tasks in the morning and you can start your work right away.

Create a habit of planning your entire next day tasks before going home. It aids you to go home with ideas and insights or to think about better ideas / insights that you can apply to the next day. It also saves you from doing this in the morning. So you can go to the office and get started right away.

16. Avoid Snacks and Heavy Lunch

You should ensure to stay away from having snacks and heavy lunch if you wish to focus fully on your work. Lots of people have the habit of munching snacks during their work and it usually has a bad effect on their productivity. Having snacks and heavy lunch will usually have them feeling fatigued.

When your stomach is too full, you will not be able to work properly and you will lose concentration in what you do. Remember the post-lunch or afternoon crash?

17. Learn From Others

You should be able to learn from others and it can direct you to excel in your work. Don’t be shy in asking others for help. Identify the people who are able to inspire you in what you are trying to do and learn from them. Make an effort to understand their approaches, practices at work and adopt those into your work.

18. A Positive Attitude

Your success and productivity at work is determined mostly by your attitude and how you approach your tasks. If you think and believe that you cannot complete certain tasks, then you won’t be able to do it. If you are confident and positive, then you will be capable of completing any difficult tasks with ease.

Develop a positive mental attitude and it can aid you to make consistent and persistent actions in your work.

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