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Let’s not beat around the bush – the business world can be a depressing old place through a woman’s eyes.

We always hear about glass ceilings and gender pay gaps. And, there are constant reports of sexism in the industry – the tech industry being a particular source, for example.

With all this in mind, we thought it was about time to bring some success stories to the table. The media would have you believe that every woman is doomed to be kept in their box – but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Here are some facts you should always bear in mind whenever you next go for an interview or are worrying about your prospects.

1. Women are breaking down barriers

Women are breaking down barriers in all different types of industries, including those dominated by men. Take the construction sector, for example. According to employment agency Randstad, there’s been a ten percent rise in women taking on senior positions in the industry.

More women are becoming engineers, too, and even starting their own tech companies. There is still a long way to go, of course. But make no mistake – things are getting better for women; albeit slowly.

2. Women are perfect for increasing profit

Three Fortune 500 companies have seen increasing profits under the leadership of female directors. Yes, that’s still a small amount regarding diversity, but their performance should give all women hope. They have overseen returns in capital investment by over 66%, an increase in sales of 42%, and return on equity by 53%. With figures like that, there is hope that a lot more Fortune 500 companies will open their boardroom doors to a lot more women in the future.

3. Women can increase collective IQ

A study from Carnegie Mellon found that a single woman could increase the collective IQ of an all-male team. Deep down, we suspect that everyone already knows this! However, while some of you may not be surprised with that news, others may find some confidence in their abilities. And, it’s evidence that might put paid to the theory that all top jobs go to the brightest people on merit.

4. Women are more loyal

Loyalty is a rare commodity in the modern job market. People tend to stick around for a shorter period before moving onto the next step in their careers. However, women are proven to be far more loyal, and men make up the majority of employees leaving companies. You can use this to your advantage at your next interview.

Employers love to know that you will stick around if they give you the right opportunities. It saves them money in training and from the hiring process – so feel free to use this handy piece of knowledge!

5. Women are better educated

Education is the place where one of the biggest gender shifts is taking place. More women are graduating from high school, college, and post-graduate degrees than men. If you can combine your qualifications with the relevant work experience, you can expect to be in a great position in the job market.

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