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In this interview series, we caught up with Eric B. Horn from Eric B Horn Inc., who shares his expertise and insights about the job search, career change, etc. in today’s marketplace.

Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Company

Eric B. Horn Career & Business Solutions, LLC. is a career and business strategist firm that helps college grads become “career ready” and serve entrepreneurs to create digital products and visibility strategies to create additional revenue flows.

How Did You Get Started?

I got downsized from my first job and made the conscious decision to empower myself in the area of career management.

Is This Something You Decided Early on in Your Career?

Eric B. Horn started in the Information Technology industry where I made good money but got burned out and bored after a couple of years.

What Is the Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Always continue to build relationships regardless of where you are at in your career.

What Is the Most Exciting Part of Working in This Industry?

The results you receive from your clients.
Job Search


How Do to Stay Abreast of the Industry as an Expert?

By studying career management trends.

What Are Some of the Things That You See Job Seekers Struggle with the Most?

Not properly preparing for the interview.

What Are the Common Mistakes That You See Them Do?

Not properly preparing for the interview.

How Should Job Seekers Approach Job Search Today?

Leverage your professional network.

What Is the Biggest Trend(s) You See That Job Seeker Will Face in the Next 2-3 Years?

The advancement in technology will continue to replace jobs.

What Is One Advice You Would Give Someone Just Out of College Today?

Your career will be a marathon and not a sprint.

What Is One Advice You Would Give Someone Who Is Switching Careers?

If you switch careers prepare for a decrease in your existing salary. Find ways to supplement that lost income.

How Should Job Seekers Get the Most out of LinkedIn?


Unemployment Is at the Lowest Levels, Why Do You Think That Is?

More people are taking the risk of starting their own business, instead of looking for employment.

What Is the Biggest Trend(s) You See That Hiring Managers Will Face in the Next 2-3 Years?

Not finding the skilled talent for the jobs they are hiring for.

What Are the Best Resources You Recommend to Job Seekers?

For college graduates I recommend my book, How Professional Is Your Development Vol. 1

What Is the Best Way for Our Audience to Reach You?

Eric B Horn can be reached through Twitter

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Eric B. Horn has also been featured in our recent compilation of the most resourceful career experts and career blogs –  Top Career Advice Websites.    

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