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In this interview series, we caught up with JM Auron from Quantum Tech Resumes who shares her expertise and insights about job search, career change, etc. in today’s marketplace.

Tell us a little bit about your company

I started Quantum Tech Resumes several years ago after a couple of earlier, more general iterations in the resume writing space.
I enjoy working with technologists and have the skill to communicate the real business value of what my clients—from CIOs / CTOs to hands-on technical professionals—can deliver.
That ability to include the right amount of technical detail—without overwhelming the reader—is a big part of what I bring to the table.

How did you get started in this path?

My ex-wife was a Java developer, and not getting calls.
I’d always been a writer, so I wrote her a resume 20 years ago.
Now, I’m sure I’d cringe were I to see it today, but it got her interviews, and she got some kudos from interviewers. As they say. The rest is history.

Is this something you decided early on in your career?

No, I can’t say that I wanted to be a resume writer when I was in third grade.
Like many people in this field, I did a number of things, and, when I found I was good at helping clients with my skills as a resume writer, I transitioned into the business full time.
That was more than a decade ago.

What is the Best Career Advice You’ve ever received?

That the people happiest in their careers spend their time on things they both enjoy and are skilled at.

What is the most exciting part of working in this industry?

Receiving the emails from clients telling me that they just landed a great job—often after months or years with no previous traction.
A client recently had been looking for a couple of years, and after we worked together, he got something that was a perfect fit.
He told me I’d changed his life. That’s a good feeling!

How do to stay abreast of the industry as an expert?

I learn a lot from my clients.
Since I don’t use worksheets or questionnaires, but gather all my data through an in-depth interview, I’m able to keep very current with emerging trends in technology.

What are some of the things that you see job seekers struggle with the most?

With my clients, it’s frequently defining and articulating their value proposition: knowing and communicating the value that they really bring to a new company.
I work very closely with my clients to help them clarify what differentiates them in the marketplace—and that time is well spent.
It not only enables me to craft the best possible resume—but it helps my clients present themselves clearly and confidently in the interview.

What are the common mistakes that you see them do?

Over-qualifying opportunities—only applying to jobs that look ‘perfect’—rather than applying to a range of opportunities that may be interesting.

How should job seekers approach job search today?

Be proactive.
A job search is hard work and can take time. But a proactive approach to uncovering new opportunities—with the strong follow-up required—can help make the process a lot shorter.

What is the biggest trend(s) you see that job seekers will face in the next 2-3 years?

There’s no way to predict that. Within the world of tech, some skills are definitely growing in importance, and others becoming less critical.
But there’s always unpredictable disruption in the marketplace. I think it’s better to build a solid career rather than bank on a trend that may or may not happen.

What is one advice you would give someone just out of college today?

Keep a record of your achievements from day 1 of your career—and always think CAR / Challenge Action Results at every stage of your career.

What is one advice you would give someone who is switching careers?

Be certain that the career change is both something you really want to do—and something you can realistically do.

How should job seekers get the most out of LinkedIn?

Get to at least 500 connections, get a good headshot, and get a strong profile that describes who you are—culturally as well as technically.

Unemployment is at the lowest levels, why do you think that is? 

That’s an extremely complex question.
But whether unemployment is high or low, one needs to look at one’s own career—and take a strategic approach.

What is the biggest trend(s) you see that hiring managers will face in the next 2-3 years?

There will continue to be a lot of very qualified candidates.
So the issue will be ensuring that one selects from a strong talent pool.

JM, what are you currently working on?

I’m always busy, and always have a number of concurrent client projects to work on.
I’d like to write a book on the state of software development—but that’s for the future.

What are the best resources you recommend to job seekers?

What is the best way for our audience to reach you?

Through our website.

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