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Interview Series - Career Experts - Mark Anthony Dyson from The Voice of Job Seekers | CareerMetis.com

In this interview series, we caught up with Mark Anthony Dyson from The Voice of Job Seekers who shares his expertise and insights about job search, career change,etc.in today’s marketplace.

Tell us a little bit about your company

I am a career advice writer, career consultant.

How did you get started in this path?

Started a resume company in 2009 and within a year obtain two contracts to write resumes and train job seekers.
Started The Voice of Job Seekers (TVOJS) in July 2011 and decided I loved the career advice writing and consulting/coaching side more than the writing resume side.
I dissolved the company in 2016. It was a risk because I work, and it took awhile for TVOJS to take shape but today I am excited the business the articles, podcast, and other appearances on other shows bring. I am not trying to add new services – perfecting the current ones I have.

Is this something you decided early on in your career?

It was an idea from my brother-in-law and wife who had the concept of my first company and had the name.

What is the most exciting part of working in this industry?

The non-money/transactional part of it: Readers, listeners, peers, and news outlets writing to speak with me saying they enjoy the content.

What is the best Career Advice you’ve ever received?

Just recently I talked to a prominent writer in another industry and I think it applies to all professionals – feature innovative and new ideas.

Build on them no matter how fast or slow it catches on. The fact you have a message to center conversations around helps your personal brand. There are people who just echo others but never have an original thought. Who is in control of your career, you or fear of being original? 

How do to stay abreast of the industry as an expert?

Read articles, listen to podcasts, and jumping on the phone with colleagues to discuss trends.
The access I have to them to ask questions is a wonderful thing.

What are some of the things that you see job seekers struggle with the most?

Using the tools to keep them engaged in their career advancement.
Most professionals re-engage after frustration or when unemployment is imminent.
Many professionals don’t get personal branding, and I’m not sure experts are clarifying it. It’s worth going back to the original Tom Peters article and follow the framework.

How should job seekers approach job search today?
Approach it as it will be a part of your life, for the long term, and know it serve you when it’s time to pivot.

What are the common mistakes that you see them do?

Using networking as a ends to a means.
Networking is everything, and everything is networking.

What is the biggest trend(s) you see that job seekers will face in the next 2-3 years?

Professionals will need to become consultants and leverage Artificial Intelligence and not be victims of it.
The wild animals in the jungle (the pictures and videos often seen) lap the water with their eyes looking up. They respond intuitively – they fight, or run, but they survive.
Similarly, a professional’s readiness is in their preparedness to transition economies and job market changes.

What is one advice you would give someone just out of college today?

Stay connected to all of the resources your career center provides mostly your network and alumni.

What is one advice you would give someone who is switching careers?

Connect with those who did it before you, find the common threads in their journey, and along with what works for them, create your own.
Whether you experience success or not in your transition, you own it. Everyone’s path is different.

How should job seekers get the most out of LinkedIn?

Two neglected sections even content creators don’t use: Publications and Honors and Awards. I use both to it’s fullest.
People come and it automatically has an impact on their impression of me. It can do the same for high profile and executive professionals, too! 

Unemployment is at the lowest levels, why do you think that is?

I don’t think it’s one singular factor, but many professionals are transitioning to jobs for a short time. They are making small but surer leaps.
One good thing is the leapers are looking ahead more than they did 10 years ago.

What is the biggest trend(s) you see that hiring managers will face in the next 2-3 years?

Hiring will be shortened than it’s now 30-60 days. But how can you get the best talent with longer hiring periods? Somehow, it will be shorten so they can compete.

Mark, what are you currently working on?

The summer is full of lots of writing, and this year, doing video.
I wish I can talk about the fall plans for the podcast, but I have to wait. It will be a game changer (at least in my mind).

What are the best resources you recommend to job seekers?

What is the best way for our audience to reach you?

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