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The whole interview process does not only involve the employer asking questions. It is also a chance to find out more about the company and discover if the values it stands for are ideal. In the same way that there are questions employers should not ask, there are also questions in which applicants should not ask.

If the questions only concern about your life, then you have stepped into a red light. Here are questions that applicants should and should not ask in interviews: 

Questions You Should Not Ask

1.“Can I Work from Home?” 

The interviewer may possibly wonder if you will have problems coming to work regularly. Once hired, you can wait for a certain period of time proving yourself in the job before requesting to work from home when the dire need arises.

2.“What’s Your Salary and Benefits Package?”

Asking this can imply that your interest is vested more on the monetary gain than in the job itself. Employers usually inform about the salary range once the candidate is hired. But asking this in the interview will make it seem as though you are considering yourself employed.

3.“How Soon Can I Get a Promotion?”

This question can signify that you are not interested in the current job position you applied for. Worse yet, this can make you come off as someone self-entitled even when not intended.

4.“Who Is Your Competition?”

This is a question that does not need to be asked. Doing so will only suggest that you have not done your research on the company beforehand. Google and other means of searching can give helpful information.

5.“Are You Going to Check My Social Media/References?”

This would usually mean that you have something to hide. Social media profiles, references, and/or background checks should not be able to bother you for as long as you are sure of yourself as a candidate for the job.

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Questions You Should Ask

1. “What Are Your Expectations from Me in This Job During the First 30, 60, and 90 Days of the Year?”

This question can give the impression of how interested you are in contributing to the company, emphasizing on the duties expected from you as an employee. The employer’s answer to this question is important for you to know what you are in for.

2. “What Is the Culture of This Company and How Does This Company Uphold It?”

As you may have a rough knowledge about the company and what it does, the employer can further elaborate on what they stand for. And possibly with concrete examples. From here, you will be able to decide whether or not you agree with their dynamics.

3. “What Do You Like Best about This Company?”

For additional insight into the company, you can ask the employer’s point of view. He/she may have professional experiences that can be of interest to you. This question can also help you decide if you prefer working in this kind of company.

4. “Can You Give Me Some Examples of Collaboration Within the Company?”

Collaboration is beneficial in the long run as problems are solved quickly. And new ideas can be made for future developments. Asking this question can show how much of a team player you are and how you are willing to work with others for successful endeavours.

5. “What Are the Skills and Experiences You’re Looking for in An Ideal Candidate?

This interview question can lead to valuable information about the kind of skills and training you are expected to have that may not have been covered in the job description. It can help measure your current suitability for the career/job you applied for.

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