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When we are kids, we are told to put in all our effort in studies and everything else will be sorted out; however little do we know that it is just a trap. Things do not get easier as we taught us as they will.

Our lives are more like video games: higher the level, the higher the complexity. From school to high school, from high school to college, from college to university; we learn more and more of what real life is about.

However, the worst reality-check is ahead of graduation when most students believe in landing their dream jobs the very next day, but it is, in fact, the opposite.

Job search is not only exhausting but also de-motivating but nevertheless, with a few job hacks, it is possible to find your dream job without facing all those barriers.

1. Start Your Search Beforehand

The biggest mistake that most students make is that they start looking for jobs only after completing college. While most companies do not hire people with incomplete studies/degrees, at least keeping a lookout on the job market beforehand is always a good idea. Indeed is one of the biggest job portals in the United States where you can search for latest jobs related to all industries.

2. There Are No Big or Small Jobs

With an unstable economy worldwide as an aftermath of wars and cut-throat competition in the market because of imbalanced supply and demand, it is wise not to keep unexpected standards and keep waiting for the perfect executive job.

You can always make your way up the corporate ladder with dedication and hard work. After all, no one starts at the top. Just keep on applying even if you think the job is not the best one out there.

successful Job Search

3. You Might Not Be Perfect but Your Resume Ought to be

The first encounter that an employer has with the candidates is through the CV, Resume or Cover Letter. Make sure that you write the best CV/Resume and Cover letter that the employer just CANNOT IGNORE.

For that, you can take help of professional writing and editing services which will take this burden off your shoulders and provide you with the perfectly written CVs that will not miss an employer’s eye.

4. A Good GPA

While it is unjust to judge a person’s abilities and intellect by a factor such as GPA, unfortunately, it is one of the eligibility criteria used by most companies for evaluation New Grads.

The CVs of applicants that have their GPA less than the requirement are automatically rejected before hitting the Hiring Manager’s desk. Make your every minute in college count. As GPA is a cumulative factor that comprises exams, projects and written assignments. A professional writing service can save you here too. You can get help with your written assignments from writing experts.

5. Follow the Companies That You Ideally Want to Work for

As important it is to apply to as many jobs as possible, it is important not to lose focus. Like every person who has a dream job, there are always some companies out there that have what you want. To be a part of such a company, it is important to know everything there is to know.

Know about their values, what they seek in their employees, follow their social media and get to know everything that is currently happening. Being ahead will give you the perfect edge over many others applying for the same job.

6. Thoroughly Prepare for Your Interview

If you managed to get your way through with the perfect resume/CV, there is always the next and bigger hurdle i.e. the job interview. Unfortunately, this is where most people fail.

Keep information about the company as mentioned above, know about the job that you applied for, dress well and most importantly keep the right balance of confidence. Being either under-confident or overconfident can be unhealthy.

7. Make Yourself Visible

As mentioned earlier, most students hit the job market the very first time after college. In a world of social media; make yourself known. Follow industry gurus through their social media profiles. Join forums.

LinkedIn is one of the strongest networks of professional from all around the world where you can connect with professionals from all around the world.

Attend seminars, functions, etc. related to the industry and meet & greet people. Make yourself known even before you start the job search.

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Emma Perry is a tutor and freelance writer, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She also loves inspiring and motivating people and has spent the last 5 years improving and helping the others to improve.

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